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    Req: Electro Jazz Recommendations

    My favorite song on the Verve Remixed album is "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby." What a great beat! --ROK3
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    Using my Headphone Amp in Japan

    I've lived near Yokohama for 3 years and have had no trouble with any US spec electronics functioning at the lowered voltage. I have a couple computers and a LCD projection TV that do not seem to be effected at all. As far as grounding goes I just keep my fingers crossed and buy extra...
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    The next step for me--PIMETA. Any advice?

    Quote: Originally Posted by The Monkey Am I making a potenially big sacrifice in SQ if I power it with batteries? Battery is generally considered a "cleaner" power source than AC. You would not be losing any sound quality with the batteries... Hope This Helps, ROK3
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    iPod & portable amp users poll?

    Can the firewire portion of the cable be used to transfer data also or just recharge the ipod?
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    iPod & portable amp users poll?

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the lineout with the Sik Cable? How does it compare to that of the iRiver series or the Karma? I can't make up my mind which one to get and I'm torn up as to whether I should decide based on formats supported or quality of the lineout or maybe the fact...
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    iRiver iHP-140 and future formats?

    I fired off an email to iRiver last night and here is what I got in return Dear Robert, Thank you for contacting iRiver America. At this time there are no plans to support FLAC. Best regards, Nonya Business (names have been changed to protect the innocent) Customer Service...
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    Karma line-out v Ipod line-out for portable amp ?

    Where can I find this cable?
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    copy protected cds

    Thanks a bunch davei! Sorry all about my tirade last night. I was having a bad day --ROK
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    copy protected cds

    Does anyone have an email address I can contact at the record label? I can't find anything at their site with my slow connection (my ship is at sea). I bought the cd before we pulled out of Thailand and all of my listening is done on hard disc MP3 player. The software I have on my laptop is not...
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    FYI: HD650 $339.99...

    I'm interested in group buy let me know the details and price... --ROK
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    Gary went out of his way to take pictures of the headphones I was interested in. He even borrowed a camera to do so! His emails were always very prompt and easy to understand. His price was very reasonable. I would recommend Gary to anyone interested in some of his gear.
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    id3 tag cleaner?

    I like moodlogic. Moodlogic --ROK
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    The ATH W1000's

    Quote: Originally posted by Takashi "Ima nanji desu ka?" = What time is it? "Kore wa ikura desu ka?" = How much is it? Thanks for correcting my error! I don't know what the heck I was thinking... Now you see why I have to bring a friend to translate everywhere I go! I guess...
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    $50 off on orders from apple store (Ipod purchase?)

    I just received an email from my credit card company. In it they announced a special holiday savings if you enter the following code: FBPUKVUZDC This is valid on orders $499 or more. I've got the 20 gb Rio Riot from about 3 years ago, and have not been happy with it. I'm thinking about...
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    The ATH W1000's

    I own the W1000 but not the CD-3000 or the HD600. I love the sound of them, but you may want to try them with an amp that is known to be "warm." I have heard that many people enjoy the W1000 with a tube amp. These are very comfortable headphones as well. As for the price the dollar is very...
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    Dimensions of W1000

    I was looking at these... Pelican Case Based on the dimensions above it looks like it will fit. The "Pick and Pluck" foam you just kind of pull out to make the shape you need inside. It's pretty simple to use. It's basically like 3d perforation. A friend of mine showed me the case he uses...
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    Dimensions of W1000

    Thanks a bunch! I'll go out and pick up the case tonight --ROK3
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    Dimensions of W1000

    I know this one sounds a little odd, but could anyone measure the dimensions of the W1000 for me? I'm out of town and can't measure mine. I found a place that sells nice hard cases but I'm not sure which dimensions I need for the interior. Thanks again for the help guys! --ROK3
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    Best DIY amp?

    But unless you already have a bunch of tools laying around (soldering iron, DMM, etc.) you have to lay out a lot of cash up fromt to build an amp. In that regard you may end up spending more money than you save... --ROK3
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    Crosfeed Board Question

    I'm an ignorant bastard... If you look in the picture right above where I was reading you can see the model number of the resistor clearly printed right on the side of it... (RN55) Looks like 1/8 W is fine It's nice when you can answer your own questions... --ROK3
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    Crosfeed Board Question

    What resistors are best to use with the crosfeed board from Tangent's website? From what I could gather the 1/4 W RN60 (Vishay/Dale) won't fit. Will the RN55's (1/8W) work? The diagram from Chu Moy calls for 1/4 W. Thanks again for the help! --ROK3
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    Headphones for MP3?

    Thank you very much for your advice! I've decided to try thr porta pros and see how much of a difference they make before splurging on the Ettys. Poor poor wallett... Thanks again, --ROK3
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