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  1. Snake

    Am I using [still] using the world's oldest earbuds?

    I thought I had damaged them by using them while riding a motorcycle but last week I found them in a cabinet where I placed them years ago: Panasonic EAH-Z70 2-way bass ported earbuds. I guess I was wrong: they still work great! I guess I damaged the player and not the cans because they have...
  2. Snake

    Got your daily requirement of rocket fuel?

    The FDA has found traces of rocket fuel in the nation's water, milk and lettuce supplies,65884,00.html And the EPA has actually (just) set "reasonable" limits...rather than simply try to eliminate the problem by stating the unacceptability of having...
  3. Snake

    Anybody else have experience with color lasers?

    The Minolta / QMS color laser I use has died of controller failure, and Minolta just wants too much to repair it to make it worthwhile. So I am now in the market for a new color laser but detailed information is (still) lacking to make the right choice. I use / own a lot of printers: Tek (solid...
  4. Snake

    Helmets - speakers or canalphones?

    Hello fellow riders and canalphone users! I have some questions. Have any riders tried any of the helmet speakers? How are they with foam earplugs? The main question is should I use canalphones (the Shures probably; the added warmth will overcome wind roar) or helmet speakers. My two...
  5. Snake

    Cute, Rick, Cute

    Nice one, Rick. Have some time on your hands tonight??
  6. Snake

    STAX: repair or replace? (a bit long)

    Hi guys (and gals). Do you mind if I ask a question? I have Stax SR-Lambda Pro's. Quite a while ago I sent them, and the amp (SRA-14S), to be repaired. When they came back one side of the headphone's drivers were replaced and the amp repaired; however, it seemed that the side-to-side balance...