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    I use an HRT Music Streamer II > Littledot MKIII > Sennheiser HD 598.  The DAC itself improved the sound quality much more then the amp.  I spent a lot more money on the amp than the DAC as well. In hindsight, I would have bought a cheaper amp and rolled the extra cash into more expensive...
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    Great headphones for Rock?

    While any Grado is going to sound great for rock music, I personally would recommend Sennheiser's Hd598.  I owned both the Grado SR325is and the Hd598 and decided to sell the Grado's to my dad.  The Grado's were very uncomfortable to me and the Sennheiser's have world class comfort.  In...
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  4. Max598

    USB DAC recommendation

    Ya the HRT is great but thats too bad it wont work for you. Also, one of the tubes in my amp just went bad and since there is no headphone jack on the dac itself I cant use it at all.  That should also be considered.  I just need to wait for new tubes but still, its annoying.
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    Expanding on my current system want to know what direction to go

    I believe that is a portable amp/dac combo.
  6. Max598

    Is it worth buying an amp/DAC for a pair of Sennheiser 598 headphones for use with an HP Beats by Dre Laptop and iPod Shuffle?

    Nope.  I believed in the whole burn in thing until I started using my grado sr325is, then switched back to my hd598s.  Burn in to me is just getting used to the sound signature of the headphone.  I definetely saw a huge improvement with the amp but I saw an even greater one with my dac.  And...
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    Expanding on my current system want to know what direction to go

    I am currently using the LD mk3 with hd598s, wonderful sound quality and if you like that soundstage, these are the cans for you! Best soundstage I have ever heard.  Sounds like with your budget though the 650s might be in reach.  You can get 598s for $180 though which is a lot cheaper than 650s.
  8. Max598

    Is it worth buying an amp/DAC for a pair of Sennheiser 598 headphones for use with an HP Beats by Dre Laptop and iPod Shuffle?

    I found that I got surprisingly good sound quality with my 598s through just my iphone.  However, a dac and amp will improve them a lot too.  They sound awesome out of my littledot mk3 and hrt musicstreamer 2.  And if you think they sound flat now, invest in a nice tube amp.  The tubes did...
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    The Official Head Fi Ear Wax Thread

    this thread makes me want to start taping my ears shut when i go to bed! The number of bug-in-the-ear incidents is scaring the hell out of me haha
  10. Max598

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    U2. Absolutely cannot stand their music and Bono's face (and name) make me want to hit a small child.  I also can not stand all of these rappers with absolutely no talent that somehow get rich off of terrible songs (soulja boy).
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    HD598's - Are they good for Heavy Metal/Rock/Deathcore/Dubstep?

    The hd598s in my opinion are not good for metal.  I love them for rock just not metal.  The tiny amount of dubstep I listen to though, sounds AWESOME.  I dont listen to it very often so as I type this I am listening to some skrillex and it is confirmed...pretty epic.
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    Senns not good for Rock?

    I have Sennheiser hd598s and Grado 325is and Im stuck on the sennheisers.  I havnt heard other senns but supposedly the 598s and 558s are supposed to be more colored and better for rock music.  I personally love them for rock.
  13. Max598

    good sounding rock albums?

    I agree Boston sounds great! And I also get very angry at the fact that my Red Hot Chilli Peppers cds dont sound very good. I have this same problem with the White Stripes.  I have been listening to Biffy Clyro's The Vertigo Of Bliss and it surprisingly sounds very very good and is incredibly...
  14. Max598

    Need Some Good Rock Albums

    Some of my favorite rock albums...   Green Day- Dookie Biffy Clyro- The Vertigo of Bliss Blink-182- Enema of the State Angels and Airwaves- We Dont Need To Whisper Foo Fighters- Greatest Hits The Killers- Hot Fuss Smashing Pumpkins- Siamese Dream Sublime- Sublime   These...
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    A good year in rock music: 1991....pick your favorite album

    EASY...Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the chili peppers baby. An absolute classic!
  16. Max598

    Sennheiser HD 598 Video Complaint / Problem - 3.5mm adapter can damage your gear

    Oh sorry haha I was so quick to test my plug out i guess!  
  17. Max598

    What is the Best Overear headphones under $80

    grado sr60? Kind of on-ear but they are great.  
  18. Max598

    Sennheiser HD 598 Video Complaint / Problem - 3.5mm adapter can damage your gear

    I just tried this with my iphone and my computer and I am experiencing nothing.  Could be your sanza?  
  19. Max598

    Bookshelf speakers

    Wow so I guess powered speakers are probably my best bet.  But in this price range how do you guys think powered speakers would sound as opposed to a speakers with a reciever?
  20. Max598

    Bookshelf speakers

    My littledot does have a preamp outputs but can that be hooked up to the speakers directly? And will my mk3 be powerful enough to drive them?  That would be very convenient because then I could save about $100 on a reciever and be able to get better speakers.  Also does anyone know where some...
  21. Max598

    What's the first song that plays when you hit shuffle?

    I got "positive vibrations" by Bob Marley.  Now I want to go back and listen to all of my reggae music while sippin on a Red Stripe!
  22. Max598

    AudioEngine A5 competition

    I was thinking about getting the a5s as well, but those swans are looking very tempting! And the on the link posted earlier when you buy them you get a set of some nice looking satallite speakers too. Very tempting indeed. Would like more info though like reviews or something.  
  23. Max598

    Bookshelf speakers

    Yeah my dac has RCA outs.  I think thats a great idea I will be searching for a reciever then. Does the quality receiver matter a whole lot? And if so what is a good receiver?    I was also wondering if anyone have tried the audioengine a5s?  They seem to get great reviews and from what ive...
  24. Max598

    Bookshelf speakers

    Thanks for the in depth reply! I see what you're saying. Is a receiver or t amp required to drive the speakers? I can't just hook them up to my MacBook pro right? And I guess my littledot can be used as a preamp? I'm not so sure as to what that is or does.
  25. Max598

    Bookshelf speakers

    I have been look at speakers for my room because while I love my headphones, I sometimes would like to be able to walk around, do stuff, etc, while listening to music.    I have been looking at some klipsch bookshelf speakers for a while and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as...