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  1. xcom

    SOLD: Fostex TH-900 mk2

    PM Sent :D
  2. xcom

    Stax SRM-007tII Kimik Edition (SOLD)

    Please move to the US of A so I can buy this from you! :D GLWS!
  3. xcom

    The Stax Thread III

    Hello all, I just join the ESTAT's STAX game :D I first got the Nectar Sound The Hive, and now wanted to try STAX, so I got me the L700 MKII and, I am super happy with the L700 so far!
  4. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Not true as mine was drop shipped a few months ago and I did not get the 3.5mm :)
  5. xcom

    iFi Audio Pro iDSD discussion thread

    Linear Power Supply
  6. xcom

    iFi Audio Pro iDSD discussion thread

    As posted in the iCan Pro Thread: Remote is finally here. Is a brick for sure, but goes well with the iCan Pro :D I was able to learn the volume up and volume down. I was able to learn all of the Schiit BF2 codes so that's a plus. This should work just fine with the iDSD Pro as well.
  7. xcom


    The only difference is that it does not have the DROP logo. Same hardware.
  8. xcom

    Wtb-AUDEZE LCD 3

    You have a PM
  9. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    I am in the process of opening a warranty case on mine. I will see if this is true pretty soon :D
  10. xcom

    High-end Music Server recommendations?

    Roon nucleus
  11. xcom

    ifI iCan Pro - Impressions & Discussion

    I did not. I purchased a learning remote from AliExpress that allows for a master and slave type learning.
  12. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    That's close to 20K worth of equipment. Insane yet clean.
  13. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Thanks for your reply... Yea, It seems like a tolerance problem on my susvaras. This are .4 bigger on the tip and seem to be the problem. I am not sure if to contact HiFiMan or just let it be. The cable maker was awesome and took them back to change the connectors to the ones that work.
  14. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Yes is that connector. It feels as if the tip is to fat and I need to really force it to go in.. Is that normal? I really don't want to force it unless is normal. The other type just go in like normal.
  15. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    They are two different headphone cables but for the same type of headphones (Susvara and Edition X) :) I am using it for reference. as one type vs the other. Yes they go to the cups. As stated above the silver cable "type" wont fit in to the cups of the susvara, while the copper do fit both...
  16. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Interesting, They work just fine with my Edition X. :confused:
  17. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Can somebody help me understand something.... On the attached pictures, There is two 2.5mm connectors. The one with copper works on the susvara while the one in silver does not. Are this different? Am I missing something here? Thanks!
  18. xcom

    [FS] Mr.Speakers Ether Flow 1.1

    Up We Go :D
  19. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    So coming from the iCan pro, What would be my logical step up for the Susvara?
  20. xcom

    HiFiMan Susvara

    Mine are here and I am enjoying every bit of it!