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  1. shea2812

    TDK EB-750 IEM

    wish there are more reviews on this model saw a pair of sale.... he he around $12. wonder whether i shud buy that for general duty ...  wonder how they compare to the Philips she3580.  Anyone?
  2. shea2812

    The discovery thread!

    Quote: now that is making me wonder because I do have the IE500 the ceramic construction yield quite a solid lows... wonder how it compares to MT300's.   But then they are getting less ear time due to MH1c for SQ and she3580 for sheer fuss free convenience
  3. shea2812

    [REVIEW] Hippo Biscuit - Yum Yum

    Quote: hey i just noticed that you have a cri cri as well how does the biscuit sound paired with dat..... just curious not that  the Biscuit needs amping for IEM
  4. shea2812

    The discovery thread!

    Its the new year... a year full of discoveries.  I have been following this threads but did not participate much.  Am not equipped to do so. But I now own a pair of she3580 and MH1C  pluse a couple of other cheapos... seriously boys, which of these low price (relatively that is) phones get most...