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  1. gords

    The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

    Hypothetically speaking, do you think it's realistic that Sennheiser will release the hd800 successor within the next 2-3 years or would it be longer?
  2. gords

    iAudio X5 60Gb
  3. gords

    iAudio X5 60Gb

    Quote: Originally Posted by Max Minimum Also, I wonder if this has the ability to randomly shuffle across all music folders. I have a similar question. I've got my music sorted in the following folder format: genre > artist > album > track title. Would the x5 be able to...
  4. gords

    iAudio X5 60Gb

    What's the battery life of the 60gb X5?
  5. gords

    iAudio X5 60Gb

    Does anyone know if the 60gb X5 will be available in the X5L version?
  6. gords

    HD5: silver, black or red?

    Is it possible to use a remote while using an amp? Something like DAP -> remote -> amp -> headphones? If you switch the hd5 to line-out mode will this still work?
  7. gords

    The NW-HD5's little secret

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ihatepopupads Well well, I just listend to my panasonic sl-s290 cd player flat and the nw-hd5 flat and guess what !! There definatly is some added boost in the low mids and high bass . Don't get me wrong I still love the sound of the player and really think it...
  8. gords

    iAudio X5 file sorting controversy

    Let us know how they compare rbf
  9. gords

    Review: Sony NW-HD5

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ihatepopupads Just got my HD5 today and have absolutely no hiss through any of my cans(px100,shures, grados, sonys) Which Shures are you using?
  10. gords

    iAudio X5 vs Sony HD5

    I'm in the exact same situation Sanity. I'm really tempted to wait for the karma 2 ~ September apparently but it may be later. I've seen the 30 gig sony for about $30 more.
  11. gords

    Just order the X5L

    Quote: Originally Posted by luuk I think it really sounds great when I hook it up to my amplifier, but all eq-settings, mach3bass etc. must be off. Then it sounds best. Does this apply to all players in general when using an amp or is it just the x5?
  12. gords

    The NW-HD5's little secret

    Quote: Originally Posted by bangraman The HD5 is definitely bassy though... it'll supply a lot more bass than the iPod, at the noticeable (to me) expense of sound quality. Quote: Originally Posted by bangraman Simple really, overall clarity of sound. There's less of it...
  13. gords

    Rio Karma Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by PsychoZX Well setting the karma's volume to 29 is pretty close to line-out quality. If only someone could come up with a pocketdock for the karma. Ok, for others who have heard both, how does the Karma amped (via headphone-out with volume set to 29)...
  14. gords

    Rio Karma Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by brian183 This stupid ipod my sis bought blows compared to my karma. 1. Does an amped karma sound better than an amped ipod? 2. Does an unamped karma sound better than an amped ipod? I ask the 2nd question because the karma dock isn't really...
  15. gords

    Sony Vaio Pocket 40gb 249.99 straight

    does it sound clearer than any of the HD-x?
  16. gords

    Torn Over Players

    I can't wait for Rio's new player. Fingers crossed for a native line-out!
  17. gords

    Amp/dap question

    When people talk about the sonic character of a DAP (eg. "Sony DAPs are bassy") does that quality still apply when listening to the DAP through the line out wth an amp? ie. When using the line out does a DAP's character become irrelevant?
  18. gords

    Best custom IEM

    Quote: Originally Posted by seeberg Too bad I don't take their opinion to heart on this one. That bump in midrage could be very pallateable, perhaps similar in principle to the Grado midrange in some models. It's colored, sure. But it sounds really nice, and that's what counts. Who...
  19. gords

    Advice Needed before UE trip!

    Quote: Originally Posted by phong posted during a party at a friend's house, don't ask i couldn't resist not going on his computer to check out head-fi lol checking head-fi at a party! You are a true audiophile.
  20. gords

    UE-10 PRO ~(RIP)~ Shure E4 (Born 6-4-05)

    Quote: Originally Posted by iamdone Actually the ue10 can be a little muddy in the mids on faster rock music. Or at least the sound muddy compared to the RS-1. So true...musical genres make such a huge difference. What do you listen to aWanderlust?
  21. gords

    I think ive decided! Comments please =P

    People say that amps compliment the headphones (not the other way around) and you're planning to spend more on the amp than the headphones. Also, some headphones don't benefit from amping all that much. I'm not sure about those Sonys but it could be something to think about if you haven't already.
  22. gords

    I think ive decided! Comments please =P

    Would $175 headphones sound better than $80 headphones + a $95 amp?
  23. gords


    Why did they discontinue them?
  24. gords

    Other Worldly satisfaction - Canalphones and headphones

    I also get this other worldly appreciation. People who are trying to talk to me don't appreciate it though