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  1. Little J040

    Cartridge Problem

    I have a technics SL-B2 with stock tone arm, I replaced the cartridge with a goldring elan cartridge from the music hall 2.1, i couldn't set the tracking force correctly and i think it bent the stylus. What cartridge weights suit the techincs tone arm best? Any advice on what cartridge would be...
  2. Little J040

    turntable noise floor?

    Hi all, I played some records today, at a fairly loud (compared to normal listening volume), and heard a lot of noise in between tracks... any idea if thats a tracking thing or could it be my cambridge audio preamp?
  3. Little J040

    Place to buy hip hop\trance\classic rock vinyl albums?

    Hi all, I'm trying to improve my selection of vinyl albums, and was wondering where I can find these genres of albums... I'm looking specifically for some Atmosphere records, Sublime, Armin Van Buuren, etc etc... give me some pointers where to look
  4. Little J040

    Foobar v0.8.3 and Juli@

    Hey all, I'm currently using my Juli@ with asio 2.0 out from foobar 0.8.3, and was wondering if there was any way for me to add ALAC support to it. My main reason for wanting this is because im looking into a new mp3 player, but a lot of my music is in FLAC... However, sadly both players im...
  5. Little J040

    got Juli@

    hey all, I just got the juli@, and was wondering what kind of outputs you use from Foobar.. Only thing i can get working right now is ASIO, is that similar to KS? Also, I was wondering if anyone has some sort of attenuation with the digital out of the card... It seems to have a lower...
  6. Little J040

    ESI Juli@ locally?

    Has anyone bought their Juli@ at a local shop? Im looking to pick one up before i move into my apartment next week, and dont want to deal with ahving it shipped... Any stores carry this card or am i doomed to order online? Where can i even get them online? oh side question the cards do have...
  7. Little J040

    nano 1st gen

    Hi all, A friend of mine got one for free from work and gave it to me because he already had one. I'm just curious as what i should expect from battery life, due to my 3g ipod lasting ohhhh less than an hour on a charge, im wary of ipod battery life as a whole....
  8. Little J040

    output of G-lite

    I posted this earlier in the amp section, and hoped I would have better luck in here.. I know that on the headamp website it states that the g-lite has 1w output... but it doesnt say at what impedance. Anyone have an idea?
  9. Little J040

    Toslink help

    Hi all, I have a MHDT LABS Dialogue II, and it seems as tho the flap on the toslink broke off somehow... Now when i tried to plug a cable into the jack, it merely rests in the slot and does not securely seat. Any idea how i could fix this
  10. Little J040

    Rated output of G-lite

    I know that on the headamp website it states that the g-lite has 1w output... but it doesnt say at what impedance. Anyone have an idea?
  11. Little J040

    WTB: AT W1000s or W100s

    Im looking for either, but preferably W1000s. Looking to get into the Woody business. Cheers, Jeff
  12. Little J040

    a900s ?

    Hi all, Im almost about to pull the trigger on a pair of A900s and was wondering how much they would improve from my current setup with the dialogue II and my trusty ole' G-lite......... Had a pair of 595s that didnt really improve much from amplification and was hoping this wasnt the case...
  13. Little J040

    Closed cans that compare to HD 600?

    Hi, I've got the fever for trying a different type of headphone, specifically a closed headphone. Anyone have any idea what would be similar as fair as definition and overall dynamics to the HD 600.. What are people's feelings about the beyer 770s besides
  14. Little J040

    The next step in desktop amps

    Hi, I love my glite, but wondering what would be a "substantial" upgrade in the desktop amp department. The only qualms i have about my g-lite are the slightly lean lower frequencies. I love the treble extension and the overall clarity of the g-lite. Any Ideas or reccomendations on...
  15. Little J040

    WTB Grados or SA5k

    Hi, Im an avid Senn fan, but want to experience grado (again) preferably 225s or up. Also in the market for a pair of SA5K's let me know!
  16. Little J040

    Foobar DSP options

    Hey all, Just recently converted to foobar2k with KS, and was wondering if any of the available dsp's might be beneficial Specifically the -6db hard limiter and or resampling dsps. What do you people use, or do you leave it un altered?
  17. Little J040


    Looked at his profile saw he had some phones for sale. Awesome guy to deal with quick responses, fast shipping... he's the real deal
  18. Little J040

    Foobar and itunes use

    Hello, I'm uncertain at this current juncture what foobar is actually used for. I was just reading around and can't figure out the softwares use. Is it just used to play FLAC files specifically? Whats the advantage of that file type vs. apple lossless? How would i integrate foobar into my...
  19. Little J040

    IC: F/S HD-595

    Hello all, I've just purchased some HD-600s recently and my 595s need to go to help pay for them. Pm me with any questions, I have pics as well.. Thanks, Jeff
  20. Little J040

    Itunes and APX

    This gd software problem is really starting to piss me off. The new update for the apx and itunes 6.02 worked ok last night, and i was able to see the apx in itunes. Today I fire up itunes, and the apx isn't showing up, its connected and everything. What gives!!!
  21. Little J040

    Dialogue II first impressions

    Hey all, just ordered this piece off ebay about a week ago and got it real fast. Great guy to deal with. All I can say for now for the first impressions is a much much bigger sound stage. I was shocked, I didn't think it would do this much. Bass, not sure how its affected it so far, can't be...
  22. Little J040

    Sunny D or TANG?

    I dunno about anyone else but this has been a long and forever lasting duel between two of my favorite FAKE orange juice companies. Seeing that I dont have any TANG left, I drank about a half gallon of sunny D in about an hour, OWWW the citric acid burns.
  23. Little J040

    Powered Sub with 2 channel reciever?

    Hi all, i just picked up a powered sub that someone was going to throw out, figured id try to get it to work I have a 2 channel Kenwood reciever, and i was wondering if theres anyway to use the powered sub in this setup. The powered sub has speaker inputs and outputs, and has 2 rca jacks, one...
  24. Little J040

    Home DAC decisions

    I've got the bug again. After having my g-lite for a good 6 months im wantinga little more. The g-lite is a great amp i can't really complain about it at all. The only noticeable thing is the somewhat lean bass, but i really could care less. I've been thourougly looking into dac's for home...
  25. Little J040

    WTB Pro-ject Debut II or III TT

    Hi everyone, im looking for a pro-ject II or II turntable, because my vintage Pioneer tt just broke, and finding a replacement spring for it is turning out to be a lot harder than suspected. Pm me or email me if you have one up for sale.. Thanks Jeff