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  1. Nallows

    Custom Ear Pads (Pics)

    Yea I figured it out, I'll have to post pics when I get a chance. Ty.
  2. Nallows

    Custom Ear Pads (Pics)

    Anyone able to assist? :(
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  4. Nallows

    Anyone here/know who makes custom ear pads?

    Quote:   So if I learn to sew than I should be good? I found a tutorial on this site, anymore like this?
  5. Nallows

    Suggestions on how to deepen ear pads (DT 770)

    Quote: Interesting, I'll have to look into this.
  6. Nallows

    Suggestions on how to deepen ear pads (DT 770)

    Hmm...can't get picture to post.  Oh well, any suggestions appreciated.  
  7. Nallows

    Suggestions on how to deepen ear pads (DT 770)

    So these headphones are extremely comfortable except for the fact my right ear slightly touches the inside of the speaker.  And I mean it hardly touches.  But, it becomes really uncomfortable over extended use. Is there any way to deepen the ear pad?   I've seen a picture of using cotton on...
  8. Nallows

    What do you think about sound quality of these tracks

    I really don't think it matters what headphones you are wearing to hear a either can hear it or you don't.  One is clean while the other has some effect or "distortion" if you will. 
  9. Nallows

    [GUIDE] Sonic Differences Between DT770-DT990 Models & More

    Thanks zombiz_x, very insightful.
  10. Nallows

    Setup complete - time to tweak (xonar, LD - mk3, DT 880s)

    I am new to the whole audiophile thing, but I have spent several, several, several hours on these forums the last week.  I have read several posters opinions and what I found interesting is this.  Apparently, an amp will not help in game for FPS in regards to directional sounds.  You may have...
  11. Nallows

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/3/2020: Audeze Penrose Review added)

    Quote: I'm hoping that the stx control panel allows me to adjust the positioning to correct it.  However, in your original post you said the DT 770 pro 80 has the best directional sound out of any headset you tried.  Does this mean you can tell where a shot is coming from, but not...
  12. Nallows

    DT880 Amp necessary? Currently own ASUS Xonar Essence STX

    As the title says, would I need an additional amp/dac for any DT880 in 32, 250 or 600 ohms for strictly gaming?  I have an ASUS Xonar Essence STX which says it powers up to 600 ohms with its built in amp.  How much truth there is to this, I'm not sure.  To put it fairly, I'm an audiophile noob...
  13. Nallows

    [GUIDE] Sonic Differences Between DT770-DT990 Models & More

    Sweet, there's a whole thread here dedicated to the Beyers.  Help would be appreciated.   I'm looking for some guidance on the Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones strictly for gaming on PC..  I currently have an Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card and I'm really confused on which of the three...
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