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  1. DesiGuy79

    FS empire ear hero like new price doo to $850

    Selling EE hero. Iem is in like new condition Buyer pays for shipping PM with any question Thank you
  2. DesiGuy79

    FS empire ear odin price drop to $2750

    Selling empire ear Odin. One of the best iem. Sold out everywhere. Shipping included in USA. Send pm for any question.
  3. DesiGuy79

    Like new bakoon AMP-13R headphone amp

    Selling like New bakoon headphone amp. I am tube guy so had to let this one go. PM me if you have any questions. thank you
  4. DesiGuy79


  5. DesiGuy79

    FS like new abyss phi tc $4200

    Thank you for recommendation
  6. DesiGuy79

    Selling two weeks old abyss 1266tc lite. $4575

    selling like new abyss 1266 tc. Due to new job have to let this beautifully design headphone go. As always buyer responsible for shipping and PayPal’s fees. Thank you
  7. DesiGuy79

    For sale new meze empyrean $2449 shipped to USA

    seling brand new meze empyrean. Sticking with me Mr speaker Voce set up. Meze empyrean is brand new unit with 0 min usage. Shipping is included in USA. Will ship anywhere Buyer responsible for PayPal fees Thank you