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  1. tals

    HE-500 amp suggestions for my price

    Hey guys. I've been reading all over the internet, and everyone seem to agree on the Schiit Lyr. Saying it's a good amp, decently priced and provides great quality for the money. If I would to reach a little bit further into my wallet, to say, up to $700~, what sort of improvement can I find...
  2. tals

    HiFiMAN HE-500 or HE-5LE?

    What's the main difference between those headphones? How will they compare when it comes to bass, to mids and the highs?
  3. tals

    The Little Dot MkIII (3) watts and performance with HD650, K702, HE-500 etc.

    Hey guys! *Please read latest post from me, down below* So I am currently running an HRT Music Streamer II --> Little Dot Mk3 --> HD598, but I am considering upgrading my headphones to somewhat in the area of the *title*, or even the LCD-2 or the HiFiMAN HE-6 region. Will the MK3 be able...
  4. tals

    Is the HeadRoom Micro DAC a good choice?   Hey guys! I was wondering, since came out on a deal for theyr DAC, is it worth getting? I currently have no amp, and I really want one to put the sound in my Little Dot 3 instead of my PC's soundcard.. Is...
  5. tals

    Need help - Please suggest what style this is, and what other artists perform the same!

    Hey guys! I LOVE Christina Aguilera's CD called Back to Basics. It's just AMAZING! Dont like the stupid corrent pop even tho I am only 15 <3 Love listening to Christina's Stripped, Christina Aguilera, and Back to Basics. All of those are amazing, but I just love B2B and Christina Aguilera...
  6. tals

    Help with several singers\geners

    So.. Hey! I just came by this song, that I just LOVE!! I love the rythem, the amazing bass and the beat! Anyone can give me an artist like this one?   Also, On 48:15, an amazing singer, that is unknown...
  7. tals

    NuForce Udac 2 vs. HiFiMAN EF-2A + Traktor AUDIO 2

    Sorry for creating so many threads.... So I have a dillema. I have two options, one which I like more but costs more, and one that costs less and probobly sounds worse. So currently I have the Traktor AUDIO 2, which is a 24\96 DAC, it does a good job, but when I crank up the volume the sound...
  8. tals

    Need help choosing an amp

    Hey guys :) So I just bought a Senn HD598, with it bought a Traktor Audio 2 DAC (96k\24bit). The sound IS better, but i just hear too much distortion when I crank up the volume. So I decided I would buy an amp (Will that make a difference?). I am going to buy (in the future) a pair of K702...
  9. tals

    Do the HD598 need an Amp?

    So as you guys know I just bought the Senn HD598, and I diden't buy an amp with it. I have an option to buy a basic amp for it, only amp (I think, it's not DAC) it's pure analog, for like $80. Is it worth it? I hear the headphones just high enough volume on my soundcard, will it not only...
  10. tals

    Which headphones are best for ME?

    Hey guys. I am buying a pair of new cans as soon as I pick what I want. So.. I have a little list and I want you to tell me which is right for me please :) Denon AH-D2k AKG K702 AKG K550 Beyerdynamic DT990   Deep bass, but not overwhelming like the beat's that you can only hear...
  11. tals

    I need help choosing a pair of cans, please

    Hello there Head-Fi! I currently have the AKG K518DJ and I like them very much (SQ wise) but they're extremly uncomfterable!!! So I gathered up some cash, and I can get more, and I would like to buy a new pair of headphones that will work well with an iPhone, and connected to a (really good)...
  12. tals

    Help Me Picking a Desktop Headphones Amp

    I need a desktop amp that has good quiality, to use with my K702. Under 100$ (please as cheap as you can :) to be connected to my computer's/iPhone's output. It will be siting on my desk :) will be used to hear music, oviously. Any suggestions? :)
  13. tals

    300$ none amp'ed, nice, deep bass, fast (separation), warm mids and great highs, over-ear headphones help.

    I made a previous thread but it got kinda out of control with me, mind changing. I need a pair of cans, that does NOT need amping, that can be pluged into an iPhone or a computer and still sound great. I dont hear really loud so it dosent have to blow my ears up. Dont care at all about...