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  1. Bolt San

    FS: Westone UM2

    SOLD! Thanks for all the interest guys! Simply put, it's too much isolation for my day-to-day activities, and though I love them it's time to move on. Comes with: UM2, clear with new, ungreening cord unused comply small tips unused comply large tips etymotic tri-flanges small shure...
  2. Bolt San

    IC: Sealed Audio-Technica CM4, used Sony Eggo D-66

    I have another pair of sealed CM4s and I'm looking to let them go. They're the silver ones, and they're 50 + 10 dollars for shipping on audiocubes brand new here: grrrreat for ipods. or whatever. and I'm looking for just 50 shipped...
  3. Bolt San


    wwmidia bought my SR-60s from across the pond, and everything went spectacularly! We had great communication, he sent the money extremely fast, and he was especially forgiving of customs/border security hassles I was having. Highly recommended, a great Head-Fier! David
  4. Bolt San


    Zeratul purchased my KSC-75s with a money order. The money came on time (from Canada, no less), and the transaction went fine. We had some post-transaction concerns, but everything got worked out with good communication. Highly recommended.
  5. Bolt San


    I sold him a CMOY, and everything went great. We clearly went over what he needed, and there were no hassles. Great communication throughout, highly recommended.
  6. Bolt San

    FS: Iriver IMP-350

    SOLD Great condition, comes with all accessories. 50 shipped in the continental US. Pictures My feedback: Feel free to ask any questions, thanks for looking!
  7. Bolt San

    FS: IAudio M3L 20GB

    Yep, 'nuff said. There's only one issue: the remote's headphone output is finnicky. It's probably an easy fix, but I don't want to splice any wires because the display and all of the buttons still work perfectly. In any event, this player is perfect for anyone who's going to use the line-out, or...
  8. Bolt San

    FS: Koss KSC-75s

    SOLD Simple enough, 15 shipped in the continental us. I'll accomodate requests from outside the US, provided buyer pays shipping. I'll take paypal, money order, cash, checks, you name it. My feedback:
  9. Bolt San

    FS: Headsave Go-Vibe, Home CMOY

    Both sold, thanks for the interest! picture: (potentially offensive hostname!) Go-Vibe: (SOLD) Black volume knob 2227 opamp comes with rechargable 9v energizer battery 50 shipped in the continental us Home CMOY: (SOLD) RCA in, 1/4 out uses 2 9vs 30...
  10. Bolt San

    Nomad Jukebox 3 40 GB reconditioned by Creative

    I just have way too many mp3 players. I got it from one of the official creative ebay auctions, like this: Half of the things that came with it are still sealed. The Firewire cable, headphones, and software are. On top of that, it comes...
  11. Bolt San


    I bought a pair of SR-60s and an amp from Patrick, and we had great communication throughout. He shipped right away, I got the stuff in less than a week, and the packaging was impeccable. Highly recommended.
  12. Bolt San


    Excellent communication and prompt payment. Great to deal with.
  13. Bolt San

    WTB: Nomad Jukebox 3

    'Nuff said.
  14. Bolt San

    SOLD: New in box ER-6s

    85 shipped (includes paypal fees), pics upon request but they're completely new and unopened. SOLD! heres your pic:
  15. Bolt San


    I sold him my AT-A500s. Prompt payment and good communication. Great Head-Fier to deal with, it was a pleasure.
  16. Bolt San

    Anyone want to help me convince people to not buy horrible sony noise canceling cans?

    The front page of has a deal on sony noise cancelers. Now, we all know they're horrible, but I've tried them and they're especially horrible. I'm just bored, but I'll claim not wanting to waste these people's money as the reason for me starting an argument on the...
  17. Bolt San

    Inflatable Headphones! Even has inflatable padding... hmm
  18. Bolt San

    FS: CMOY

    Here's a picture of it with some other crap: 45 shipped or 60 shipped for it and the pcdp, which is described in this thread: feedback...
  19. Bolt San

    Sony D-143 and some other stuff

    As you can see, it comes with the original box, wallwart, and rca-mini cable. It can charge NI-CAD batteries in the player, and it sounds great through both the headphone and line-out. Good first PCDP, or something. I'll also sell the radio transmitter thingy. 20 shipped for the PCDP and...
  20. Bolt San

    FS: Dream Theater collection

    Yeah, I used to be a huge fanboy, but I don't really like them anymore. FS: Images and Words A Change of Seasons I'm thinking 12 shipped for these two. If you already own one or more of these I'll sell separately, but...
  21. Bolt San

    Portable speaker setup help.

    I'm looking to go beyond Travelsounds and inMotions with this. Basically, I want to get one of those Sonic Impact T-Amps that were talked about in this topic: and some small speakers to go with them. I'm talking, like computer speaker...
  22. Bolt San


    I bought A500s from Scott, and he graciously agreed to ship at the same time as me. He included the original box (which wasn't actually part of his ad) and we had great communication throughout the entire process. 100% recommended. David
  23. Bolt San

    WTB: Any Shure E1/3/5 tips/sleeves/foams

    I'm just interested in seeing how all of them work with ER-4s. PM me if you have any spares of anything, or just want to get rid of any of them.
  24. Bolt San


    Great seller. First time seller on Head-Fi so he graciously sent first. Would definitely deal with again.
  25. Bolt San

    FS: Sony D-NE510, Panasonic SL-SW940

    Sony = Panasonic = Asking 40 shipped for the Sony, 30 for the Panasonic in the continental US. Feel free to PM me with questions.