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  1. gjudd

    Logitech UE900s IEMS - Newest Revision

    Like new includes all original accessories sans a pair of foam tips. I will throw in a pelican micro case that is what I use to store the iems. If they are not in my ears they are in the case. ask away for questions. These are the newest revision of the ue900s. Bought last april
  2. gjudd

    Schiit Magni 2 and Modi Uber 2 (PRICE DROP)

    Like new less than a year old. Bough direct from Schiit. Includes all original accessories and paperwork in original boxes. Also includes A usb a to b cable and optical cables
  3. gjudd

    Sennheiser HD650s

    Like new just over a year old. Still under warranty. Includes box and all original accessories. 310 includes shipping and fees in the US. Message me if you are in canada to work out shipping. 
  4. gjudd

    Bottlehead Crack + Speedball

    The crack is assembled and works flawlessly. I haven't put the speedball together yet. It is stained in dark is brown (not too dark) that is a beautiful color and you can still see the grain. I love the color. Then it has an extra coating (polyurethane I believe, but I'm not completely sure...
  5. gjudd

    Need help buying new Headphones + maybe an amp

    I have KRK 8400s and they are nice and all but I'm looking for an upgrade. Max will be $400 for everything. If it wouldn't be a noticeable difference in quality then I will not bother with an upgrade. Or I can just buy an amp as I do not already have one. I listen to everything including a lot...