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  1. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-M50s

    I am selling a mint condition M50 with straight cable. It will ship in its original box, with the 1/8" -> 1/4" adapter. The headphone is in MINT condition, and sounds great. I'll have pictures up tomorrow. Price is $ shipped and paypaled to the ConUS. Thanks.
  2. jbloudg20

    FS: UE 5 V2

    I bought these to go under my helmet, and the er6i just fits better. As such, these IEMs have seen minimal usage. They will ship with all original accessories, in the original box. I am looking for $110 shipped and paypaled to the ConUS. Thanks
  3. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-ES7

    I am selling my ES7. I have an ESW9, so these just don't get used very often. They are in absolute mint condition. They will ship with the pouch, and in the original box. I am looking for $85 shipped to the ConUS. Thanks for looking.
  4. jbloudg20

    3X OPA637 SOIC

    I have 3 leftover opa637 opamps. They are the SOIC versions. I'm looking for $10 shipped each. Discount for multiple purchases. I also have 2 browndog adapters, $5 a pop. Thanks.
  5. jbloudg20

    FS: 2x 6c33c tubes

    I picked these new tubes up with the intention of building an amp. I went back to school, and realized I won't have the budget for the amp for a while. I'll let these go, hopefully to a member here, before they head off to Ebay. These are brand new tubes. I'm looking for $75 shipped and...
  6. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-CK7

    I am looking to sell my ATH-CK7 Titanium earbuds. I want to move back to a UE phone, and every bit counts! These have been sparingly used, and show no sign of it what so ever. They will ship will all original accessories, including the original packaging. I'll post pictures of them...
  7. jbloudg20

    FS: ATH-A950LTD

    Up for sale is a limited edition ATH-a950LTD. In MINT condition, this headphone is leaving me because I just don't use it much. I thoroughly cleaned it today, along with the pads. I then took these pictures, and boxed it, ready to go to the new owner! The pictures speak for themselves. It has...
  8. jbloudg20

    FS: Audio-Technica ATH-M50

    I am selling my M50 due to a new and exciting headphone possibility. They are about a month old, and will ship in their original box with all accessories. These have seen about 10 hours head time. Price: $85 shipped and paypaled to the Continental U.S. Thanks, Jay
  9. jbloudg20

    FS: UE Triple.Fi 10 pro

    I am selling my few month old TF10. It is in like new condition, and will ship with the case, original box, and all tips. I am selling because I have my eye on something else Looking for $300 shipped and paypaled to the continental U.S. Thanks for looking.
  10. jbloudg20

    FS: MSB Digital Link III

    I am selling my MSB DAC simply because I don't use it any more. When I originally received it, it had some large scratches on the top of the unit. If you stack it, you won't even see them. I only used the optical input on this unit, but on my last test, the coax input didn't want to lock...
  11. jbloudg20

    FS: Brand new pair of Jays D-Jays

    I will be taking advantage of a promotion to receive a pair of brand new D-jays headphones. Since I am not interested in them, I'd like to pass them on to anohter head-fier. I will be receiving the white ones, and they will be brand new, unopened in the package. Once I get them, I will...
  12. jbloudg20

    FS: AKG K271s with Velours

    I am selling my second hand k271s. These are in MINT condition, and will ship with the velour pads and the pleather pads on them. The velours have been used for about 5 hours (probably less). I do not have the original box for them. I am selling because I have found that they give me a...
  13. jbloudg20

    IC: Almost new K240s with K271 Velours

    I am considering letting my K240s go, after only a few hours of use. Although I really like the headphnoes (this is my second time owning them), I am starting to amass a collection once again, and I don't like that. They are in pristine shape, and will ship in the original box, with the...
  14. jbloudg20

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD 595

    For sale is a gently used pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones. It has all the original accessories and box. Used approximately 50 hours, these headphones are in superb shape and hardly show signs of use. Asking $120 including paypal and shipping to the continental U.S.
  15. jbloudg20

    FS: MSB Digital Link III

    I am looking to get a new HT receiver, and in order to finance it, I need to let something go. That said, I offer to you a Version 3 MSB Digital Link DAC. It does NOT have the HD or 192 upgrades. The DAC works fantastic, but has a few scratches on top from the previous owner. It has...
  16. jbloudg20

    FS: UE Triple.Fi 10 pro, UE Super.Fi 3 Live, Shure E2c

    I am selling my 10 pro, due to the lack of holiday cash. They are SUPERB headphones, and I am letting them go, only because they are still in production, and I can purchase them again. (Unlike my w10VTG) They have been used for a few months. They will ship with the fit kit (foamies...
  17. jbloudg20

    FS: One week old UE Triple.Fi 10 pro

    I am selling my one week old 10 pro IEM's. Another opportunity came up, and I need to jump on it. These are in perfect condition, and will include all the origninal accessories, as well as the original packaging. WITHDRAWN Thanks for looking.
  18. jbloudg20

    FS: cardas crosslink II mini-> mini cable

    This cable is about 3" long (more like 4.5" tip to tip) and features cardas crosslink II cabling. It has two canare 1/8" fatty ends. Works fantastic, and is one heck of a cable. VERY high quality and worth every penny. I am selling because it has sat around for about a year and a half unused...
  19. jbloudg20

    FS: mini^3 high performance edition

    I am selling my mini^3 due to financial reasons. It is built with a gain of 5, and is the high-performance edition. Will include an energizer Ni-mh battery and a 24v charging adapter. Works flawlessly. It is in a black hammond, with the panels from the group buy. I will include pics later...
  20. jbloudg20

    IC: M^3

    I am thinking of letting my M^3 go. I have two home amps, and I'd liek to upgrade my transportable setup. This M^3 used opa 637's for L&R and a 124 for the ground channel. Is has blue velevt pots for the volume and bass boost. It does NOT include a poer supply, but I can get an elpac if you...
  21. jbloudg20

    FS: AKG K701

    I am thinking of selling my 701 to help fund a purchase. These are about 2 months old, and have about 500 hours on them. They are just breaking in! They are in immaculate condition. I have the box and all accessories. I am looking to get about $250 shipped for them. Thanks.
  22. jbloudg20

    FS: SOHA

    I am selling my SOHA, as I don't need or want 3 amps. The SOHA is build in a hammond enclosure. It used middle fo the road parts, and has a OPA2134 in it, as well as an Electro-harmonix 12AU7. It sounds and looks great. I am looking for $150 shipped for this amp, to the continental US...
  23. jbloudg20

    SOLD: AKG K240s with mogami recable

    I am selling my K240s to help fund an impending upgrade. I got these new about two years ago, but didn't use them much. I had a K340 and a 701 the entire time I owned these. I made a mogami wire that is terminated with a mini xlr on one end, and a 1/4" on the other. The wire is about 6 feet...
  24. jbloudg20

    FS: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 <kit lens>

    I am selling my Canon Rebel XT Kit Lens, to help offset the cost of my upgrade. The lens is in good condition. It has been used, but functions fine. I'll post some pics tonight. Asking $55 shipped to the continental U.S. Payment via paypal (CC is fine). Thanks for looking!
  25. jbloudg20

    SOLD: Almost New ATH-ES7

    I have a pair of ATH-ES7's that have been used for less than 20 hours. They are black, and in perfect condition. I have all the original parts and the box. Selling simply because I do not use them. Looking for $100 shipped and paypaled to the continental U.S. Pics will be posted tonight...