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  1. bluemonkeyflyer

    Sharkk Bravo Impressions

      Deleted because copy/paste from the other thread did not format correctly.   Awaiting assistance from Moderators...   For Now, go HERE
  2. bluemonkeyflyer

    Sharkk Bravo "Electrostatic Hybrid" Headphones

    I just received my Sharkk Bravo headphones from Indiegogo, today, and searched the forums for an impressions thread. I didn't find any and decided to start one.    These closed-back headphones are a hybrid of electrostatic and dynamic drivers with the electrostatic energizers built-in to the...
  3. bluemonkeyflyer

    Grado PS-1000 LNIB

    Grado PS-1000 LNIB. New drivers, pads, and cable were factory installed last year. I have invoice for inspection. near perfect condition. Sound great. Less than 10. hours. I have too many headphones and many other projects so this gets no love. Smoke free. Pet free. I'll load some photos...
  4. bluemonkeyflyer

    DIY Measurement Kit BOM

    Everything you need to build your own headphone measurement kit.
  5. bluemonkeyflyer

    Dual Phantom Power Supply and Mic Measurement Kit for Headphones

    Dual / Stereo Phantom Power Supply designed by solderdude and Panasonic WM61-A wired microphones. This allows you to make objective (within groups comparisons) of your headphones using ARTA or REW.
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    T-30 in great condition. Never modified. Perfect other than missing L and R badges and the plastic piece on the inside of one slider.
  7. bluemonkeyflyer

    Grado PS-1000

    I'm interested in making an even trade of my Grado PS-1000 for your Sennheiser HD-800.   These PS-1000 headphones are in perfect condition with recently factory installed PS-1000 drivers, Invoice, factory cable, and box are included.   Your Sennheiser HD-800 must also be in perfect condition or...
  8. bluemonkeyflyer

    DT-48S Re-cable to Stereo

    No luck searching the forums for an answer so I'm posting here. I could figure it out by the process of elimination but that would take a lot of extra work. I hope someone who knows will respond.   Which terminal is positive and which is negative?   Thanks  
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    Beyer DT880

    WTB: Non-working Beyer DT880. Please send PM.
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    DT990 600 ohm driver

    WTB: a single Beyer DT990 600 ohm driver. Buy or trade possible.
  11. bluemonkeyflyer

    Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements

    Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements (FIMM)   Table of Contents     1. Introduction   2. DIY Measurement Kit   3. No Solder Phantom Power Supply and Mic   4. Making Incremental Measurements   5. REW .mdat files, ARTA Setup Pictorial, and Videos stored at Google Drive and Docs...
  12. bluemonkeyflyer

    FS: Stax Lambda Pro

    Stax Lambda Pro in very good condition.  10+ years but well taken care of and lightly used.  The amp has sold.  $600 plus 3% with Paypal and confirmed addresses, only. Free insured shipping in CONUS. No international shipping.  Check my feedback on Audiogon and eBay - user name: bluemonkeyglider.