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  1. nsahoo

    Alternatives to ipod

    I have not been too happy with my zen micro. I got it because it can play subscription music and has a user replaceable battery, but, battery life does suck. I don't have numbers for it but definitely less than 3 hours of play. Even with car charger it needs recharging overnight periodically...
  2. nsahoo

    HD600 clearly better than HD650? What?!

    With no offense intended to anyone: I think Covenant is talking about himself rather than the headphones, i.e., he preferred one over the other. It would be hasty for anyone to conclude that makes one better than the other. Nobody can deduce much about headphones from listening to another...
  3. nsahoo

    better sound @ late night?

    I think it's the mental state. At night if you are less worried about other things you can pay more attention to what you are listening. What ever it is; it is very real. edit: confirmed. After a glass and half of wine, it's as if from heaven
  4. nsahoo

    shure e3c or ety er6i?

    I tried er6i for an hour. They hurt so much to my ears that I returned them to the next morning. These IEM are not my thing.
  5. nsahoo

    Pittsburgh, PA Meet Sunday June 26

    Hey guys. I hope the last meet was fun. I was a little too new at head-fi at that time to know about these meets and such things. Any new meet at pittsburgh in the pipeline? Thanks, Nachi.
  6. nsahoo

    The Head-Fi Philosophy: I don't get it

    Quote: Originally Posted by hugz a bottle of wine and a bottle of $5000 wine gets me drunk at approximately the same rate. to ME, a bottle of $5000 wine doesn't taste that much better than a bottle of $20 wine (certainly not a few hundred times better), yet i'm sure there are people out...
  7. nsahoo

    4-6 GB MP3 players

    Quote: Originally Posted by mariadoc alot of people recommend the H10 and an equal amount op people recommend the Micro. Has anyone had the oppurtunity to make a direct comparison between the two and found out which had the best sound quality? and which is the most durable? Signal...
  8. nsahoo

    which mp3 player should i buy? (non-ipod)

    Quote: Originally Posted by scorpian007 Zen Micro - has removable battery and the sound quality is excellent, even better if you have a good pair of headphones and know how to tweak the EQ does it have equalizer bands or just presets? like vocal, classical .. etc.
  9. nsahoo

    which mp3 player should i buy? (non-ipod)

    The Rio carbon has a very delicate wheel that breaks at the sligthest impact -- according to amazon reviewers. but, it has probably the coolest look. h10 and creative micro look good. h10 has a SNR of 90DB vs micro has a SNR of upto 98DB. That would be a plus I think. In addition to that micro...
  10. nsahoo

    software equalizer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 450 Yeah...but foobar is a good player . There are even ways to skin it like WinAMP if you're used to that interface. I have heard only good things about Foobar2000. But, what if you have to use some other player like Yahoo Music engine to listen to...
  11. nsahoo

    software equalizer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scrith The one in Foobar2000 (18 bands, +/- 20db) is convenient and works well. but, won't you have to use Foobar2000 to play the songs in order to use the equalizer?
  12. nsahoo

    software equalizer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jiiteepee Hi Here is couple of them Anwida Soft (commercial): Graphic Equalizer Pro 2: +/-12 dB 15 bands, ISO 2/3 octave frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz - Parametric Equalizer Pro 3.0 -
  13. nsahoo

    software equalizer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sgrossklass Shouldn't an EQ be included with the Creative software? At least it was in case of my Live! 24-Bit. There is an equalizer with creative media source player. But, I wish I had a _stand alone_ equalizer. Such as I can use my yahoo music engine...
  14. nsahoo

    Best songs to compile for audio gear testing?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gshan Check this awesome thread out: I hope the song links still work thanks buddy. that IS an awesome thread.
  15. nsahoo

    Which Headphone stand do YOU prefer?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jmmmmm look's like i'm taking a trip to bed bath and beyond edit: I voted for A. I do like C the best, but I felt bad for a and b...nobody's voting for them But a is better than b
  16. nsahoo

    Which Headphone stand do YOU prefer?

    I like C too. But, personally, I would not have table space for these. I'll just stick a nail in the office wall and use it
  17. nsahoo

    help me!

    a more informative title might be useful.
  18. nsahoo

    Noise when moving mouse (HDSP 9632)

    Breez has to be right. It IS related to graphics card and possibly the 2d acceleration thing. When I move my mouse around: nothing. When I roll the scroll wheel, it's there. But, it's there even after the scroll wheel has stopped, till the window has stopped scrolling. I use the smooth...
  19. nsahoo

    Sennheiser HD600 has arrived!

    By the way, I love communities like these. Glad to be a part
  20. nsahoo

    Sennheiser HD600 has arrived!

    I am new to this forum, but, incidentally, I received my factory-reconditioned HD600 from Amazon yesterday at noon. These are my first impressions: Sure it sounds better than my previous aiwa hp x-223 (I am getting serious about headphones only recently), but, I was not thoroughly impressed...
  21. nsahoo

    Suggestions for first headphones

    Amazon sells HD600 (factory reconditioned) for $189. You might wanna look at it. I got mine few days back. Looks new to me.