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  1. HyperM3

    FS: Ultrasone Edition 8 Near Mint

    If you are here, you know what you are looking for and I dont really have to explain it. I bought these headphones a few years ago but never ended up using them. All I did was leave them on my computer desk playing for 40 hours to break them in and thats pretty much why I cant call them NIB. I...
  2. HyperM3

    WTB: Ultrasone ED-8 Rutheniam/Palladium

    Looking for a nice lightly used pair preferably in the US. Id you'd like to part with yours, get in touch with me. Thanks.
  3. HyperM3

    Just added the new J Money ear pads to my new AH-D7000

    So for the past few days I've been breaking in my new headphones on my desk looking forward to using them as they sound awesome every time I've put them on so far. However, before I got my headphones delivered but knew they were ordered, I ordered the new ear pads from J-Money. I had only read...
  4. HyperM3

    HD 25-1II review, yeah, another one

    Preface: So I had always used IEM's because of portability and that I always thought they sounded the best. Recently Ive been traveling more so I was looking into getting better fidelity while still retaining the portable aspect. I had bought the Shure SRH840's back in October on a great deal so...
  5. HyperM3

    Looking for closed cans because of travel but don't want to skimp anywhere.

    I currently have SE530's with custom tips and SRH840 headphones. I will only be running whatever I get out of an ipod classic(or with the addition of a portable amp). I love love love the sound of the SE530's and they are everything I'm looking for. However, they are annoying to take in and out...
  6. HyperM3

    Custom tips made but dont like them, am I alone?

    So I was getting some custom plugs made for when I'm riding a motorcycle and figured at the same time, why not get custom tips made for my Shures. Well, they both came in today and I was less than enthused. First off, the tips were made by Westone. The tips for wearing under the helmet fit...
  7. HyperM3

    FS. UM2's 10 days old Like New!

    Burn in already achieved by leaving on MP3 player for 36 hours over the first weekend. Used an hour a day thereafter for a total of <50 hours of use. Comply tips never used. Everything in original complete package. Decided to stick with my E4's instead. My loss is your gain. My price now is...
  8. HyperM3

    Returning UM2's, re-discovered my E4's

    Ok, after about 2 weeks of trying the UM2's the only word I can use to describe them is 'Harsh'. For some reason, which I noticed after everytime of wearing, I now have a continuous ringing in my ears. This would normally be called Tinnitus. I am not a loud listener (12 was the highest setting...
  9. HyperM3

    E4 slipping out of ear.

    OK, this is really weird for me. Ive had my E4's for over a month now and for some reason, they keep sliding back out of my ear canal. I bought these to replace my E3's which I had used for over a year. Never had any problems with them, and they actually felt like they went in further. They...
  10. HyperM3

    X5 owners...Rubber Connection Protector?

    You know that little rubber piece that fits into the slit that the charging pack fits into? Has anyone lost theirs yet? I like using this when Im not using the pack so I can keep it clean, almost in a paranoid way. None of my other electronic stuff has covers or protectors for things like that...