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  1. prona

    FS: Sennheiser 280 Pro (w/ blu-tak mod) and HD201 (w/ blu-tak mod).

    I'm saving up a fund for a big upgrade so I'm selling my HD280 and my HD201 (both modded). I think my KSC75 and my KSC35 will keep me happy for the time being as I don't need that much isolation. Both of these headphones are in EXCELLENT condition (I use hardly ever use them). I have modded both...
  2. prona

    FS: Pentium M 740 1.73ghz Sonoma Dothan

    This is a fresh pull from my new Dell Inspiron 9300. I upgraded to a faster processor and as a result, I have this as a spare which I will no longer need. This processor, coupled with the Asus CT439 adapter, will work on select socket 478 motherboards and can be drastically overclocked to ~2.4 -...
  3. prona

    Philips PSC805 Aurilium + Amp setup

    Those who have the Aurilium and an amp setup, where are you plugging your amp into? There are two DACs, the AK4353 for the front headphone out, and the Philips UDA1338H for the rear (lineout). The AK up in the front is supposedly used in the Sonica and the Transit and has a lesser SNR than the...
  4. prona

    FS: KSC75 w/o pads

    SOLD. Thanks to those who inquired.
  5. prona

    koss ksc75 w/o

    I've just received my pair of ksc75's today and so far, I am extremely impressed with the SQ given its cheap cheap price! I got it from for $14 shipped. I've heard about the quarter-sized hole mod for the pads, but I figured I'd take off the pads completely and see how they...
  6. prona

    CMoy Right channel sound loss

    I've been running my opa2227p cmoy from a regulated 12V 800mA ratshack supply (w/ 9v battery snaps) for a few weeks. Just the other day, I completely lost sound in the right channel. I took it apart and the wiring seems intact and nothing looks too suspicious. Could it be that i fried the...
  7. prona

    equalizing HD280 = complete distortion??

    When I play a pure 20hz tone with foobar's EQ on (not auto-leveled), it sounds completely distorted (even when it's 55hz and 77hz is set to +1db). Same goes for 30 and 40hz. When I turn the 55hz and 77hz in the EQ down to 0, the distortion goes away. I auto-levelled the EQ and cranked up the...
  8. prona

    Post your HD280pro EQ settings

    Hi, I just got my HD280s and listened for about half an hour or so. Oh man..the harsh highs hurt my ears . I guess I wait after the 300+ hr burn in to really finalize my opinion. But right of the start, the low bass is incredible! Okay, now i need some EQ settings! I mainly listen to...