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    Custom IEMs most like the LCD-2?

    This is somewhat of a long shot, but I'd greatly appreciate the opinions of anyone who has heard both.   The LCD-2 rev2 effectively ended my headphone quest, and I am looking for custom IEMs that come the closest to replicating its sound. These will be for strictly portable use, directly to...
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    Audeze LCD-2 Rev1

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    Denon D2000

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    Difference between Siver, Blue, and Black Dragon Cables?

    Hi, I'm about to buy a recabled T1 from Moon Audio, as the stock cable is just too heavy. Does anyone know the difference in sound characteristics and perhaps weight between these three Dragon cables?   T1 with 10' Blue Dragon V3 Headphone Cable w Furutech FP-704 Gold plated stereo 1/4"...
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    Why do people like Grados so much?

    I'm a huge metalhead, and I started my audiophile career with the Denon D2000s. I've always been looking for my perfect headphones (already done) and I've seen Grados recommended for metal specifically more times than I can count. Every time I see someone who listens to metal, I go to their...
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    Just got my first Amp/DAC, please help me out.

    Hey guys, I just got my E9/E7 combo. It's my first amp and DAC, and I have some questions:   1) How come when I mount the E7 on the E9 all of its functions no longer work? The bass boosts, volume, etc changes nothing when connected to the E9.   2) Does the E7 DAC interfere with Dolby...
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    Open headphones with powerful bass?

    Hi, I've gone through a few headphones in the past few months trying to find one I can comfortably stick with, and I'm at what is likely my final decision. I own the Denon D7000s and Audio-Technica AD700s. Now, despite one costing me 11x more than the other, I simply cannot decide between them...
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    Next logical upgrade?

    Hi, I finally registered after using this site for quite some time. It's been a wonderful help thus far, so thank you very much for that Head-Fi. This is going to be long, so thanks in advance.   About 6 months ago I purchased the Denon D-2000s as my first audiophile headphones. I bought for...