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  1. Len

    WTB: Bada PH-12

    Looking to buy a Bada PH-12 in excellent/mint condition. Please email me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  2. Len

    FS: Audio Magic Mini Stealth power conditioner

    I'm consolidating systems, so this spare Audio Magic Mini Stealth is up for sale. Audio Magic is truly the best power conditioners I have tried, and I've tried quite a bit of them. I still employ 4 other Audio Magic PCs in my other systems. The conditioner is in outstanding condition. I will...
  3. Len

    WTB: Singlepower MPX3

    I'm interested in a MPX3. I prefer one with an optional 12V switch for at least the input tube (so I can use 6SN7 or 12SN7). SLAM version will do too.
  4. Len

    FS: Rega Planet (original)

    For sale is my venerable Rega Planet, the original model and not the Planet 2000. I've owned four Rega Planets and two Planet 2000s and much prefer the sonics and build quality of the original versus the newer 2000 model. Asking $325 shipped anywhere in the USA. Paypal is gladly accepted. I...
  5. Len

    FS: Sennheiser HD-600, essentially brand new

    Well, that was fast. I changed my mind about headphones again I purchased HD-600s just this month from Todd's the Vinyl Junkie and was planning on establishing my headphone listening experience again, but to be honest, I am a speaker kind of guy. So my essentially brand new Senn HD-600 is for...
  6. Len

    FS: Cerious 2.0M liquid ceramic interconnects, more then 50% off new

    For sale is my pair of 2.0M Cerious Liquid Ceramic Interconnects (RCA terminated). Comes with original Cerious bag as pictured. Asking less then 50% of new price: only $550 shipped! (purchased for $1250). Condition is like new.
  7. Len

    FS: Bogdan Audio Silver interconnects and speaker cables

    Hi, I have a pair of Bogdan Audio Silver Spirit interconnects (Eichman plugs), 1.0M in length. $75/pr. I also have a pair of Bogdan Audio Silver Duke speaker cables for sale, 5 feet in length. $85/pr $150 shipped for both sets of speaker cables and interconnects. This is a very affordable...
  8. Len

    FS: Cerious Liquid Ceramic Composite INTERCONNECTS

    For Sale: a 2.0M pair of Cerious liquid ceramic composite interconnects. Condition is virtually like-new, with original Cerious nylon mesh bag. The length doesn't work for me anymore, hence the sale. Puchased for $1250/pr very recently, selling for $775/pr. These are awesome cables that employ...
  9. Len

    FS: Tara Labs Air 1 interconnects (1.5M)

    For sale is my Tara Labs Air 1 interconnects. They are in like-new condition and are 1.5M long. The Air 1 is Tara Labs step below their reference "The Zero" interconnects. These are fully shielded designs, totally quiet and utterly resolving. The Air 1 retails for $1,000/pr. I'm selling my pair...
  10. Len

    Audioquest / Audiotruth Forest (3 12' cables)

    My home theater requirements have changed and I no longer need these cables. FS: Audiotruth (the premiere line of Audioquest) Forest, 12 feet each in lenghts, three total cables, terminated in gold spades. MSRP on these was $1800/trio. I will sell all three (pair + single) for $360 shipped...
  11. Len

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD-600 with Headphile Woodies!

    FS: Sennheiser HD-600 with Headphile flame-maple woodies (installed). Original box and manual, all in outstanding condition. The headphones recently were sent in to have their drivers replaced with new HD600 Jubilee drivers and driver mounts, so these are really as close to new as you can get...
  12. Len

    FS: Rega Planet 2000 (like new)

    FS: Rega Planet 2000 in like new condition. Original box and remote control included. Will be double boxed. Terrific CDP in immaculate condition. Asking $550 for the unit + shipping. No paypal fees. Please email me if you're interested, and check my feedback to buy with confidence. Thanks!
  13. Len

    Singlepower MPX3 (upgraded!)

    For Sale: Singlepower MPX3 tube headphone amplifier with the following premium upgrades: - Premium power supply upgrade - Jenson oil-filled caps - Goldpoint stepped attenuator - Preamp function (a great 6SN7 preamp) - User selectable dual RCA inputs - Dual headphone output jacks Also...
  14. Len

    Frickin' $153 to repair my headphones

    Repairing my Senn HD600 will cost me $153. The HD600 "Jubilee" drivers are $53 a piece, plus labor and what not. Ouch! Sorry. I had to vent
  15. Len

    K1000 Stefan Art cables (or others)

    Are there any vendors with K1000 aftermarket cables in stock? Stefan Art's website states a waiting period of 24 weeks!
  16. Len

    Singlepower Owners ... cable recs

    Yes, I'm finally getting one Those who own Singlepowers, what ICs and PCs are you using?
  17. Len

    FS: Silver Audio Symphony 32 Hyaline bi-wire speaker cables

    For sale is my pair of Silver Audio Symphony 32 Hyaline bi-wire speaker cables. These are 5' in length (4 seperate runs), terminated in cardas spade via the latest HPF method (solderless, high pressure fusion termination). These aren't your generic shotgun configuration: the high and low runs...
  18. Len

    Any headphone amps that use 6L6 tubes?

    A stab in the dark: anyone know of a headamp that uses 6L6/KT66 output tubes?
  19. Len


    I'm privledged to be the first (I'm sure of many) successful transactions with Cortez. Sold some tubes to Cortez and all went off without a hitch. Good communication, expedient, honest, friendly .... all that good stuff you're looking for when transacting online. Thanks again!
  20. Len

    Straightwire Rhapsody IC and speaker cables

    I have the following for sale: 0.5M pair (RCA) Straightwire Rhapsody II interconnects (like new). $60/pr 5' pair (spades) Straightwire Rhapsody speaker cables (like new). $120/pr These are all Straightwire "Level 3" components at well below 50% of new price. These have been in storage for...
  21. Len

    When talking about SOUNDSTAGE ....

    In context of headphones, what do you all mean by soundstage? No headphone "disappears" and replicates a life-like soundstage IMO, so are we simply referring to how volumious the sound is?
  22. Len

    Bunch of Cary 300SEI in Audiogon

    Just a public service annoucement There's a surge of Cary 300SEI in Agon at good prices. That is all
  23. Len

    Sylvania 6SN7W: Caught with pants down!

    In my continuing series of tubes in the buff (refer to, I proudly present Mr. Sylvania with his pants down
  24. Len

    3 Lisa Stansfield CDs

    Well, I've got the following three Lisa Stansfield CDs for some reason and I'm not really a fan, so anyone who wants them for $6.00 (includes shipping) can have them. Lisa Stansfield (self titled) Real Love Affection
  25. Len

    WTB: Stefan Art Equinox cable for Sennheiser HD600

    WTB: Stefan Art Equinox cable for Sennheiser HD600. Email me with description of condition and length. THanks.