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    Philips Fidelio M1i (M1i/28) Premium Closed-Back Headphones Stereo Headset   $129.99
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    The Deals Thread II. (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Focal Spirit ONE $121.76   never bought from that sight before so BuyerBeware
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    The Deals Thread II. (READ THE FIRST POST!)

    Ebay Monster headphones deals 40%+ Off
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    6/22/13 Denver Colorado Summer Meet

    Ill be there!     Gear I plan on bringing.   Senn HD 650 Senn 598 Beyerdynamic 880 Shure SRH-940 AKG-701 Ultrasone-900 Fostex TRP50   CEntrance DACmini Fiio E17 Some home made stuff =)
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    New Depeche mode Video. Grado, Ultrasone, Phonon   Ok... i was geeking out... thought it was pretty cool to see em rocking different cans. Still pretty damned suprised to see the singer Gahan, wearin open back grado's.... must have had them BLASTIN!  ...
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    Anyone post the Ultrasone PRO 750 for $161.36   pretty good buy IMO     lowest price ever on camel
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    Spotify Playlists Monthly New Music

    I'm in Uptown. Over by jonsies and the horseshoe
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    Spotify Playlists Monthly New Music

    Awesome!! Thanks for the new tunes. Keep em commin!   As for my "favorites" Its all over the place. The playlists are just new stuff i find tht I dig or stuff i think others may like. I personally go between new stuff... postrock-triphop-old hiphop-classical-jazz...and kinda all over the...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012 - Deals

    poop... well   check other areas of that site... they have some killer open box gear =)
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012 - Deals

    Centrance DAC Mini for $299!!!!
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012 - Deals

    V-Moda Crossfade LP back up at amazon for $74  ...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2012 - Deals

    HD 598 for 199
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Here is one of my headphone playlists on spotify. Best to go get a quality source copy of em.. but u get the idea.     Headphone Test Tracks
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    Philips citiscape uptown vs other <$100 headphone

    When they are on sale ($70 ish) the Fostex TR50p are one of the most impressive cans I have listened to in years. For the pricepoint these things smoke. they are faster than many of my rigs that are $300+ and can still pull off some bass here n there. they aren't a dubstep set of cans like the...
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    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

      AKG M80 MKII Semi-open Studio Headphone   29.00
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    Samsung 4g Droid charge 4 trade

    I have a 1 yr old droid charge 4G LTE phone. Looking to trade for a set of good headphones or portable amp. Sorry if this is not right area to post, couldnt find where i should. =)    Has Extra Battery, extended battery, charger, 2 cables.
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    Beyerdynamics 20% off

     Sorry if this is a repeat, just wanted to make a quick post that Beyer has a great sale.   from page:     MUSIC PLEASURE Take advantage of our current promotion and get 20% discount until November 28, 2011! Select from a wide range of products we have chosen for our Black Friday...
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    my rig got stolen tonight

    only reimburse up to 1500. The rest has to be under homeowners... which doesnt kick in till the house is finished in 2 weeks..
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    my rig got stolen tonight

    just needed to vent to those who can understand. I live in the Denver area and had my home listening rig in storage for 20 days while i was moving into a new house.... 6611 leetsdale Public storage... as a matter of fact. Anyway, If you see geat like this around on the net for sale...
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    JL Audio 500.1 for trade, I need new Can amp.

    Looking to trade my JL audio 500.1 amplifier for a good sounding headphone amp. I will be moving to a condo in denver, and wont be able to play my Triangle/pathos stereo at a good alas..... back to the cans. I will be driving SR225's and a pair of HD600's. Offers...
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    haver not been here for a bit,how do i search?

    damn.. well.. if anyone sees' it and knows abut the subject... i have a post out for trying to find a 4gb player that i can take to the gym with me that had great sound...... also good shock absorb ( running...etc)
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    haver not been here for a bit,how do i search?

    Help!!!! I can't find a way to search.
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    Nomad Muvo vs. Ipod Mini

    Ok.... My spot is that i need a good 4-gb player that will be good for going to the gym. I also want the best sound possible. Fire away... let me know what your suggestions are.
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    Ah! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CDP arrived today!

    Quote: Originally posted by Orpheus but the question is, can a CD player with such SUCKY measurements actual "perform" well? in other words, it is clear that the CD player does embark it's "personality" and is far from neutral or accurate. Well.. I can give one example. Take a...
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    20gb MP3 Portable for $200 with Line In!

    I was amazed at price... I saw it awhile ago... but was too $$$$$ I am now in the market for an MP3 unit, and taking suggestions. So far: IRiver 120 Zen neuros(?!) I need something that can record well. I go to alot of shows...and would love to have a bootleg box. Plus I really...