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  1. Nonpoint

    Kanoa pre-order and discussions

    Yeah, good point - does puts a stain on the crowd funding market but no doubt someone will fill the void with a better version that can actually be delivered. Fascinating though, to watch the story unfold over two years and simply end abruptly with a "sorry we tried and are going to keep your...
  2. Nonpoint

    Kanoa pre-order and discussions

    "We know you are disappointed, and can only ask that you understand that we genuinely tried."
  3. Nonpoint

    Marantz - HD-Amp1 (2016 Brand New DXD, DSD256 USB DAC)

    Resurrecting an old thread. I just picked one of these up for a office/desktop system. So far impressed. Nice smooth sound and the amp is better than expected, can actually drive my Kef ls50s (nearfield). It also drove my hd650s with no issues, using the highest gain setting. Love the...
  4. Nonpoint

    Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC

    Really impressed with Emo support. Not used to dialing a support number and someone answers the phone directly and actually sounds like they want to help you.
  5. Nonpoint

    iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

      I think you just sold 100 more units with this post.
  6. Nonpoint

    FS: JDS Labs The Element

    Sold!  I have all original packaging and materials, purchased Nov 2015 (transferable warranty of two years).  Great condition as you can see from the pics.
  7. Nonpoint

    JDS Labs Element

    I run the element with alpha primes and use it at low gain.  Plenty of power for a planar in my experience.
  8. Nonpoint

    Fostex TH600 - like new

    SOLD - For sale are the Fostex TH600 dynamic headphones. Like new - see pictures.  Including original box and packing materials.  Priced for a quick sale.
  9. Nonpoint

    Review: ZMF Modified Fostex T50RP. Superb!

    Nice pics grizzly...
  10. Nonpoint

    Sony has new headphones, MDR-1R

    Quote:     Yeah, I read that...not sure if I have the same headphones.  I experienced the opposite with the NC feature on.
  11. Nonpoint

    New DENON "Music Maniac" & "Urban Raver" Lines: D7100, D600, D400 & C300 Impressions Thread

    I recently purchased the D7100 with the 20% coupon from Headphone Solutions.  I thought this was a great deal until reading a barrage of head-fi posts on Denon’s new offering.  How quickly buyer’s remorse can set in.   However, my impressions over the last 3-4 days have actually been quite...
  12. Nonpoint

    6G Nano - First Impressions

    Human,   I have tinkered with the EQ and have not detected any distortion when using one of the stock settings.  I still prefer the EQ being off.
  13. Nonpoint

    DAC1 PRE review.

    Took some quick shots....  
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  18. Nonpoint

    DAC1 PRE review.

    Sorry to hear that auto.  I have the HDR and have been quite impressed with the unit after having a number of higher priced dacs.  However, I have not compared the HPA2 to other external headphone amps.  I appreciate your initial observations.  I assume you are going to return the unit for a new...
  19. Nonpoint

    Grado RS1i Impressions thread

    I thought I might try to keep this thread afloat.  I recently picked up a set of RS1i's.  The pair has revitalized my headphone listening (which became non-existent after upgrading my speakers).  I am coming from using the Ultrasone 780's and wow, not bad of an upgrade.  I no longer have to...
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