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  1. Samgotit

    Higher end radios...

    Higher end radios... Sangean, Tivoli, C.Crane?   Which for best sound?   Requirements are AM/FM and it must have AUX and/or USB.  
  2. Samgotit

    Fedex, USPS, and UPS rock out! Where were you for 9/11?

    'Cause those shipping companies all bring me stuff that otherwise would take days to go get myself!   When one of these companies looses your dorky cellphone; or laptop; or woot t-shirt; or your coolio, anodized stick of memory; or your luscious, tight Under Armour; or your Juiceman Juicer...
  3. Samgotit

    Oscilliscope: For those without one... you want one, and what would you do with it? Just a curious inquiry. To keep it simple, let's just say something like an older Tektronix 466 and the like. I know there's several threads on scopes here; still, I'm curious. Please answer only if you do NOT own a scope. Thanks.
  4. Samgotit

    Krmathis is my favorite Head-Fi'er....

    I've always liked the guy.
  5. Samgotit

    I need a half mil for a sub.

    Can someone float me 500K? Submarine for Sale - Whiskey Class Submarine - Project Boats I want to explore the polar ice cap with it. When you think about, I guess it would be kind of boring. Save surfacing to charge the batteries what else is there to do? There is one thing: you...
  6. Samgotit

    Oscar Mayer dead at 95

    Not exactly tragic at 95, but he certainly had a much bigger impact on my life than Micheal Jackson. Oscar Mayer dead at 95 -
  7. Samgotit

    Land of The Lost marathon, People!

    No, not the movie. Some of the most enjoyable bad acting and pitiful claymation known to 70's television, not to mention the awful banjo theme song: SciFi channel marathon (today thru 05:30 PM): Schedule | On Air | SCIFI.COM I was not amused to see the movie version was to be a...
  8. Samgotit

    Skylab killed a cow?

    Just saw a blurb on the history channel. When skylab fell, it killed a cow. There are exactly 56 trillion square feet on the planet, and skylab fell from 896544 miles up to land on a cow that occupied about 4 square feet. That's crazy. Can someone who saw skylab fall confirm this?
  9. Samgotit

    FS (U.S.) Cowon D2 4GB (almost new)

    SOLD It's basically new - about one month old. I installed the new firmware and loaded one album. It's black, comes with everything as new. Works perfectly.
  10. Samgotit

    They don't even bother to swap countries. How does this still happen?

    Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam' con artists | - Portland, Oregon | News
  11. Samgotit

    Wireless, internet, remote surveillance?

    No, I don't want to stalk an ex or archive Kirosia's showering habits. Family and I need to be able to remotely check on an elderly relative. I have a windows laptop and wireless cable internet at the relative's home. A single, wireless camera is all that's needed for now, but system...
  12. Samgotit

    Goon City: unaffected by falafeling economy.

    Goon City EDIT: First one to take a screen shot of the Grim Reaper playing chess wins a fantastic prize. Disclaimer: The prize will not be rewarded if I deem the winner is a government, black agency, photo interpreter.
  13. Samgotit

    Travis Barker (Blink-182) survives plane crash in S.C.

    The other survivor is DJ AM. Four others are dead, including 2 crew members. There's speculation other musicians were on board (unconfirmed). Both survivors are in critical condition. The Associated Press: 4 killed in SC plane crash; drummer, DJ injured
  14. Samgotit

    FS (U.S.) DIY'ers: B&K Function Generator 4017A (SOLD)

    B&K 4017A Function Generator. Bought this from Voodochille: Comes with BNC test leads (alligator and mini-grabber) and BNC splitter. Here's the model: BK Precision 4017A Function Generator
  15. Samgotit

    PBS does it again: "Carrier"

    This is a pretty special documentary. It's not your basic here's-how-the-catapult-works. It refreshingly unbiased and focuses heavily on the humans aboard. The film maker does stunning job putting the sailors at ease in front of the camera. CARRIER | PBS
  16. Samgotit

    The National Spelling Bee is Ranunculaceous.

    It's on right now. Anyone watching? I spell about as well as I play the zither. That's why it facilitates me. Those kids are miraculous.
  17. Samgotit

    I Adore UPS & FedEx: They bring me stuff!!!

    I love all shipping companies. I love them a lot. If it were not for them, I'd have to drive to pick stuff up. I don't want to drive to pick stuff up. I just got Rogue Wave's Asleep at Heaven's Gate and it was totally undamaged and a great album to boot. I payed with PayPal, too. I had...
  18. Samgotit

    My Butt was hagging out.

    I left the house today with ripped pants. Anyone else done this?
  19. Samgotit

    Cell Phone Users: Let's Get It All Out

    I’ve been a little whiny about cell phones in the past in a few threads here (I’ve been even more bitchy to people I physically know). I apologize for that if I offended anyone. It’s not the phones themselves that annoy me; it’s the zombie, fool users. I just think cell phones have allowed the...
  20. Samgotit

    What fun stuff do you do to your pets?

    I'll change the blade on my razor and shave very, very close. After that, I find my cat, pick him up, and rub the freshly shaved parts of my face, especially my upper lip, all over the top of his head. The top of my cat's head is the softest 3^2 inches on the planet. I can't express how good my...
  21. Samgotit

    FS: Shure E5c SOLD shipped CONUS

    Shure E5c I'm the second owner. Original owner was tyrion: What you get is listed below. I have no other accessories: E5c 1 pair of Foamies 1 pair Clear Flex Sleeves 1 pair Gray Soft Flex Sleeves cleaning tool Tyrion's...
  22. Samgotit

    Parents: Doll your kids up! Mouth Replacement, "Doll Eyes" added, and much much more.

    Look at how cute she is... so natural. http://www.naturalbeautiescontest.ho...retouch4a.html I need for someone to explain to me exactly what the parent(s) is thinking before having something like this done? I saw this on another forum, and it just confuses me.
  23. Samgotit

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego or Matt Lauer - Who gives a poot?

    What I want to known is where is JahJahBinks? The father of such timeless threads as: A button on my shirt fell off How to make neck thicker? Are you naughty? How do people wash themselves in winter many years ago? Binks has not logged in since 01-10-2007 06:28 PM after 3186...
  24. Samgotit

    Johnny Cash - The Legend (Box Set)

    Long delivery time, but looks like a good deal: Anyone have it. What's your opinion.
  25. Samgotit

    Little Britain

    Little Britain I've had coffee, coke, tea, whiskey, water, sprite, V8, egg nog, beer, and liebfraumilch flow from my nose in laugher due to this show. Whiskey burns; the rest just puddles in my lap. @ you Brits, A friend says that it's a rage over there. Kids are learning Vicky's lines...