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  1. wcstick

    Comply tips from Target?

    Hello,   I have a set of Brainwavz M4 and I was wondering, how do the Comply tips from Target (listed on their website) compare to the ones that come with the IEMs? They have two types listed - regular foam tips and WHOOMP! tips - that appear to be comparable to the S-400 and TS-400 listed...
  2. wcstick

    How can I get more bass from my headphones?

    I have the AKG K301XTRA and they are quite neutral, almost too neutral. I'm kind of a bass-head and would really like to get some bass out of these headphones. I'm quite a noob to audiophilia so I don't know what to do to accomplish this.
  3. wcstick

    Need help choosing earphones with volume control

    I'm quite new to the audio equipment scene so bear with me. I'm looking for a set of earphones to replace my last pair, which were the ones that came with (or used to come with) hp laptops. They are my benchmark for earphones because they weren't in-ear and they had a sliding volume control and...