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  1. laserjock

    ALO Continental Dual Mono (Silver) + Black Dragon USB cable + extra DC charger

    Sad to sell my Continental Dual Mono (Silver) amp.  If you're looking at/for this, you probably know what it is - and how it sounds.  I love this thing, and wouldn't be selling if I wasn't in a tough economic spot.   Also included is a Moon Audio Black Dragon USB cable.  Made an enormous...
  2. laserjock

    FS: Sennheiser HD 700, + Black Dragon BALANCED Cable, + desk stand

    Selling my Sennheiser HD700's, plus Moon Audio Black Dragon V2 BALANCED (2.5mm TRRS) cable, plus desk stand.     I barely used them... they sat at my desk and I had plugged into my ALO Continental Dual Mono (which I will also put up for sale).  But, I found myself using my IEM's >95% of the...