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  1. jean-paul

    Kit 2.1 or dedicated amp?

    No suggestion?   Thanks!
  2. jean-paul

    RE0 vs HD555

    If I compare the soundstage to my EP630, they are quite close (for music). Actually it depends how I put my headphone on my ear but most of the time it's the same. And I don't find it very wide compared to speakers.   I can listen to music several hours with my HD555 but not with IEM, it's...
  3. jean-paul

    RE0 vs HD555

    Hello!   I have a HD555 and I'd like to buy a new in ear. If possible I'd like something with a better sound quality. I planned to buy a RE0 but I don't really know if they will be better than my HD555? It's in my budget and I read very good reviews about it for a portable application but if...
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