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  1. Kip69

    Noob question about fixing a cable

    Hi Fi-ites.  I know I will show my noob here but I have a problem.  I got an early test sample of a very good set if in-ear buds.  Somewhere in the cable, in the Y where they split to left and right, I have a short.  Now only the left works althought I can get sound out of the right if I hold it...
  2. Kip69

    RedGiant: A Supernova in the Making?

    Quote: I missed you at the show.  Thought you were going to text me if you went.  I did a bit of a review of their booth but I was tired and my voice is giving out so I mixed up the A00 and A04 a bit :)  It was a blast randomly running into you in a random store in Taipei Tom.  Hope your...