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  1. Matt714

    Questions about ripping DVD audio

    Let's say for a rock concert 1) Is it automated or you need to input the song lengths? 2) Will PAL be able to be read from my external DVD USB drive? I read that you can change the region only 5 times? Thanks.
  2. Matt714

    Pioneer SE-DIR800CII Infra-Red Wireless Headphones headphones (Japan import)

    $120 usd + s/h   Will ship worldwide, tracking mandatory.    If you want extra customer-insurance I can set up a listing on eBay. I have 100% feedback from 116 buyers.    I have the original cardboard box and packaging but it's rather voluminous.    Used Pioneer SE-DIR800CII Japanese...
  3. Matt714

    Which MP3 player - mostly for working out? Sony NWZ-A17, FiiO Whatever or iPod Touch (128GB)... others?

    Greeting friends,    As mentioned in title. Sorry if this is vague, I'm currently on the fence about my next purchase. Shouldn't have sold my iPod classic a while back. :-(   Budget should be no more than $400 CAD unless it's worth it. Storage is important.    The music I'm going to listen...
  4. Matt714

    Bizarre 320kbps files?

    Hi,   So basically I've been using Spectro (spectrogram program) on my music collection, and I've stumbled on a few oddities. A few of my Iron Maiden albums (all in .mp3 format) have some cutoffs like 16Hz or 18Hz despite being ripped directly from the retail-bought legit CDs at 320kbps CBR...
  5. Matt714

    Speaker damage/degradation from sudden & short relatively high volume?

    Greetings.   So basically I recently turned on my audio system (Edifier S730) without remembering that Windows' sound was at around 85-90 percent or so (due to a previous video with really poor audio). It was really loud (especially the bass from the woofer), at least compared to what I'm...
  6. Matt714

    DC offset spike?

    Hi,    (not sure whether I'm in the right forum, if not please move) A few days ago, I accidentally damaged one of the speakers of an audio system (Edifier S730), most probably because of a loud and high-pitched distortion (noise?) that happened when the system was connected or disconnected...
  7. Matt714

    Spectral analysis help

    Hi,   Not sure if I'm in the right section; please move if this is not the case, and if it is possible.   To get the point, I have recently discovered spectral analysis, and have been using it on my MP3 collection; mostly to root out "lesser quality" 320kbps CBR files. However, being a...