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  1. asilker

    Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball SOLD

    bump, happy Memorial Day folks
  2. asilker

    Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball SOLD

    Built within the last 3 years, not by me. The work is clean and competent. A few small parts are upgraded as per the photos. Dead silent with my Sennheiser HD 6xx, gobs of power on tap. Sounds fantastic, excellent sense of depth and texture. Sale includes the JAN pictured as well as a set of...
  3. asilker

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Strat, Two Rock, JHS soul food, ts10, Aqua Puss... MMMMM John Mayer fan?
  4. asilker

    SOLD Audio GD R2R 11 DAC & Amp

    In great working condition, has plenty of gain for driving my HD 6xx, even enough gain on tap to comfortably provide volume through intensive EQ sequences. There's some light marking on the top of the unit, as shown in the photos. IMO this unit sounds great, regardless of what more empirical...
  5. asilker

    Breakdown of Bifrost gens and versions?

    Hey folks I've got a trade offer and I'm trying to determine which iteration of the Schiit Bifrost I'm looking at. So far I haven't been able to find a collection of distinctions between gens and versions all in one place so I'm starting a thread. The model I'm looking at is labeled SCH04e. How...
  6. asilker

    Audio GD r2r 11 ticking during playback

    I downloaded the Amanero Combo384 drivers here [] and ran the exe install file for Windows 10. It appears to have fixed my problem, I'm not hearing the crackling anymore. Nothing has changed other than a new driver install (cables, AC power, etc etc are all the...
  7. asilker

    WTB Schiit modi+ magni

    Hey folks, looking for the stack. Strongly prefer from Gen 2 or up so the Modi has its own power supply, but if the price is right I'm not scared of Gen 1. Not trying to low-ball, but there's a good number of these floating around so hoping for an Ok deal. I could pick up locally near Chicago...
  8. asilker

    Starting Point Systems DAC3 TDA 1543

    Hey Gill, It is NOS. I'd willing to swap. Send me a PM if you're interested
  9. asilker

    Starting Point Systems DAC3 TDA 1543

    Bump-- I would swap for Sennheiser HD 600 / 650 / 6XX!
  10. asilker

    Starting Point Systems DAC3 TDA 1543

    This unique DAC was handmade in France and purchased in 2016. It uses one of the original classic Phillips multibit 16 bit R2R chips with a simple resistor I/V stage. Can take inputs up to 24/96 thru USB, digital coax, and optical. Features battery buffer and can power through battery charge...
  11. asilker

    Convince a speaker soundstage junkie to invest further into headphones?

    Hey HF community. This is a genuine inquiry, not an attempt to kick a hornets nest. I love the sensation of a soundstage filling a room, and I have a strong preference to a soundstage being in front of me. At this point, all of the gear in my setup has been chosen with the most primary criteria...
  12. asilker

    Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

    Here's mine. Heavily modified SL1200 MKII with Jelco 750d, Denon 103r, and cinemag (budgie) SUTs. Phono stage is a Rogue 99 Magnum. Skylab, nice to see you on another forum. Those Chapman's are still getting a daily use over here and probably a fresh veneer soon
  13. asilker

    Chicago area headphone meet - August 13th 2016 - ChiUniFi

    I'm really looking forward to getting some more exposure this weekend. Haven't dived too deeply into headphones rigs myself, but I'm hoping I'll be convinced on saturday
  14. asilker

    Rogue Audio

    Have you spent much time with the headphone out feature?
  15. asilker

    Chicago area headphone meet - August 13th 2016 - ChiUniFi

    If I can make it, I will bring my Starting Point Systems DAC3 :)   Seems like people either love or hate the concept -I'd love to hear it against industry leaders like Schiit!
  16. asilker

    People Hear with Their Skin as well as Their Ears

    Interesting, if not particularly surprising. I'm sure this has an effect on music playback with speakers, but it has a profound effect on daily communication
  17. asilker

    Speaker and Amplifier matching

    I gravitate toward open air (power amp and speaker) setups. Usually I'm here for DAC information. That being said, I can confidently say I suspect the preamps are totally different. AV recovers aren't known for being transparent, but rather offer lots of control options for integration with...
  18. asilker

    Headphones with Magnepan detail (recommendations please)

    Lol well every forum I've been in has its share of subjectivity. There's the sheep, but also the anti-sheep who band together and themselves become sheep. People are funny. Anyhow, I will check out those brands. I haven't considered headphones as a serious listening outlet because I've...
  19. asilker

    Headphones with Magnepan detail (recommendations please)

    Hey folks, I've spent quite a bit more time over at but my handle is the same as here (and a number of other forums). However, Head-fi seems to be king for DAC, digital, and of course headphone concerns!   So I am back to ask the experts for a recommendation. I've been...
  20. asilker

    RuneAudio Sound Signatures

    I'm very happily running a runeaudio server from a Raspberry Pi into my Schiit Modi. Just noticed under the settings that there are multiple sound signature options. RA's website claims that these changes are very subtle. Does anyone have opinions regarding these? Perhaps a link to someone...