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  1. Fangmasterflex

    SOLD: Lightly modified Alessandro (Grado) MS-1

    For sale is a lightly modified Alessando MS-1. A dark brown leather headband was added, a copper grill replaces the stock plastic grill, and the stock cord was recabled with a 4 foot stretch of Canare starquad, covered with nylon, and terminated with a switchcraft connector. The original...
  2. Fangmasterflex

    Any old fart head-fi'ers still around?

    Checking in to head-fi after a long hiatus. Was doing some research for closed headphones to keep at work. I'm actually listening to and annoying my coworkers with the Alessandro MS1's that I purchased from Jahn nearly a decade ago!
  3. Fangmasterflex

    Billet Aluminum Knob

    I have a solid polished billet aluminum knob.  The knob is 1.75" in diameter, 0.625 in height, and takes a 1/4" shaft.  Has two screws nuts via allen bolts. The face is polished, but there is some very mild micromarring which was hard to capture by photo.  Can disappear  good polishing, but...
  4. Fangmasterflex

    2x 3.5mm interconnects, 1x custom ultimate ears cable

    Clearing out my old box of cables:   I have a 6.5" interconnect.  Made with white Canare quad mic cable wrapped with purple techflex and terminated with neutrik gold plated 3.5mm connectors.  The barrel on the Neutrik connector looks like its forming a tiny bit of rust, so i'll let this go...
  5. Fangmasterflex

    Street headphone suggestions under $150?

    Thanks, ill pass on the suggestions!   any other headphone suggestions out there?  (he doesn't want IEM's unfortunately)
  6. Fangmasterflex

    Street headphone suggestions under $150?

    Hello all,   My brother in law is currently looking for some headphones for his daily commute around the train system in NYC.  I've been out of the headphone game for a while, and the new amount of choices are really staggering.  He brought up the beats, but after reading threads around here...
  7. Fangmasterflex

    My emu0404 is acting funny

    I have been using Winamp and foobar2k - the error happens in both.  In foobar the error reads "Unrecoverable playback error: Unknown error code (0x8889000F)".  I've tried reinstalling the drivers before but I get the same issue.  We had a thunderstorm recently which knocked out power to my...
  8. Fangmasterflex

    My emu0404 is acting funny

    Recently when playing music through my computer, the music itself will speed up, slowdown, and stutter randomly.  This usually precedes an error saying "Unknown Error.  Error code: 1  Windows error message: Undefined external error." which stops any wav output from playing on my...
  9. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 70" RCA cables with Rhodium HGA plugs

    I have for sale one pair of RCA cables. The length is 70" tip to tip. Canare gs-6 OFC copper cable was used for the cable, and the ends are terminated with Homegrown Audio rhodium plated performance series RCA plugs. The cable is covered in nylon multifilament and soldered with cardas...
  10. Fangmasterflex


    Sold steve one of my mini to rca cables, payment speed and communication were top notch! Hope you enjoy it
  11. Fangmasterflex


    Purchased a mini to rca cable from me, great communication and quick payment-would love to do business again!
  12. Fangmasterflex

    FS: 7" Pure silver mini to mini

    I have for sale a 7" mini to mini, using 3 strands of 22ga teflon wrapped pure silver, covered in flexible tubing and nylon multifilament. Ends are gold plated Switchcraft straight 1/8" plugs and soldered with Cardas quadeutectic solder. *sold*
  13. Fangmasterflex

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    I had my friend take pics with his fancy new d80 unrelated, but it just looks so nice
  14. Fangmasterflex


    I think its on this page at mouser under aluminum control knobs:
  15. Fangmasterflex

    FS:NIB UE PRO (white)

    I have for sale a NIB sealed ultimate ears pro in white. Asking for $SOLD shipped conus, paypal only please. Any questions feel free to pm me
  16. Fangmasterflex

    FS:NIB UE 5 EB

    I have for sale a brand new, never opened UE 5 EB (white). Asking for SOLD! via USPS priority CONUS, paypal only please. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions Feedback here or you can find me under the ebay name "jojofango"
  17. Fangmasterflex

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    recabled ms-1's for portable use
  18. Fangmasterflex

    rotary switch for maxed out diy switchbox

    for the goldpoint switchbox schematic, can someone explain to me what the point of that switch on ground is for?
  19. Fangmasterflex

    DIY Cable Gallery!!

    haha yeah- i tried to close it all the way but couldnt do it for the life of me, so instead i trimmed off a little extra of the jacket to make it close easier
  20. Fangmasterflex

    free ipod headphones

    Heh thats too bad, my sister smashed her ipod headphones in the car earlier but already purchased a different pair. Good luck to whoever needs them the most
  21. Fangmasterflex

    Cables-What Good Kinds?

    + another vote for canare gs-6 cables!
  22. Fangmasterflex

    Made a new headphone stand this weekend.

    if only i had that kind of ingineuity i'd be set for life