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  1. NewForce

    The Beatles best album ever?

    Last week I was out hunting on Pat Metheny Day Trip CD to use it to test Sony 1000XM3 default SQ nature as to be on the same page as @Sonic Defender commented 1000XM3. Before I able to get a hold of Pat CD (no SG CD stores carrying it anymore, I bought a few old time favorites CD :) They are...
  2. NewForce

    Best IEM, Stereo Bluetooth Headset & Speaker for hang-out moments

    Like to share with all my current best IEM, Stereo Bluetooth headset, Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, and Flip cover case for hang-out moments. All of them has been tested and working very well with my Galaxy Note II N7105 LTE. Their selection are out of many choosen and tested stereo...