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  1. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I don't mean using a streaming service, i mean actually streaming the files instead of having them offline, which all paid streaming services do.
  2. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I agree you don't want to take the A105 out for a long period of time and honestly the only time i think i will be using this for longer than a few hours is probably on an international plane ride. I really don't see a reason to stream Hi-Res from the internet, more like download to the device...
  3. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I usually get 5-6 hours bt local flac using the walkman app. The battery life will depend on what app and what type of files you are using.
  4. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    What Tempered glass protector did you order?
  5. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I planned on comparing both before all the COVID stuff happened. Whenever i get back to Japan i plan on taking my IEMs and listening in store.
  6. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I agree that you can have both, which is what i do. I mean't only that those talking about only using it for streaming could look elsewhere.
  7. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    And that is perfectly fine, streaming isn't for you. I personally think the A105 is better suited for people that have their own music vice just streaming but maybe that's just me.
  8. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    As someone who owns hundreds of CDs, i wholeheartedly agree that most streaming isn't at a point of offering the best quality listening experience. My only point is streaming can offer artists a wider audience than traditional radio stations. Either way, the point of this hobby is to enjoy the...
  9. cbw

    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    With streaming you are paying to listen to what you want when you want. Your favorite FM station doesn't cover the planet, and it will also play what they want, not what you may want. I don't understand why you feel the need to attack anyone who may want to choose streaming. If you are buying...
  10. cbw

    FiiO New Portable Headphone Amp A1 --Classic & Tiny & Metal

    I've been looking for a small portable amp that would go well with my Sony XBA-H3s, maybe the A1 can fit the bill.
  11. cbw

    Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear

    I'm selling my Momentum Over-Ear Black. They are about 6 months old and I am the original owner. They come with all of the original accessories and case. Price includes shipping to the US and paypal fees.
  12. cbw

    Selling Shure SE215, Westone UM3XRC **Price Drop**

    Selling a pair of clear Shure SE215s I've had for a couple of years now. They are decent cosmetically and are in good working condition.    I also have a pair of Westone UM3X RC that are almost 3 years old. they were sent to Westone to repair a loose driver a couple of years ago. They have the...
  13. cbw

    WTB Sony XBA-H3

    Looking to buy a pair of Sony XBA-H3. Must be able to ship to FPO, payment should be through Paypal.
  14. cbw

    So...who's using Windows 7 right now?

    The disc only comes with one license so you would have to buy another to install on more than one.
  15. cbw

    The iGod

    Quote: Originally Posted by Henry_Killinger Um... first things first, the EEE does not use a celeron, it uses either a VIA or a Atom N270. Secondly, the for any USB to pull what you said off, you need the USB OTG architecture and this cannot be accomplished unless either one has the...
  16. cbw

    Considering Netbooks. Didn't I Already Post This?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Inkmo My little bro has played with Ubuntu Linux and nLited XP on his desktop a lot and said he found Ubuntu to have less bloat than an extremely nLited install of XP. I think he was just talking about how fast things seemed to work and not the OS's footprint...
  17. cbw

    Best Custom IEM That Replicates Etymotic Er-4p/s

    Quote: Originally Posted by TacticalPenguin I'm pretty sure the custom mold for ER 4 is just like any other eartip, interchangeable - no complete devotion to the custom tip That is correct, altho pulling the custom's off often may decrease the life of the tips.
  18. cbw

    Dr. Xin Is Back!

    Probably because that would just put them at the back of the list..... Quote: Originally Posted by david21 I don't know this Xin guy but.. why wont people request a refund and then place a new order once the guy starts shipping his amps out? Just wondering.
  19. cbw

    Custom IEMs for Teenagers

    Like J.D.N said, if you can't wait to get customs, you could always get the TF10 or ER4P and get custom tips for them.
  20. cbw

    ER-4P tri-flange or Foam (or 3rd party) Whats your opinion?

    I always prefered the foamies for fit/comfort. Now however i use custom tips, a slight improvement in detail/bass over the foamies and tri flange.
  21. cbw

    Hard Disk encryption

    I use Truecrypt, by far the best one out there. It is also supported on Linux and Mac OSX...
  22. cbw

    fed to buy mortgage?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Roam Know your laws. Under the Federal Reserve Act, the Fed cannot buy mortgages, period, end of story. Unless and until Congress amends the Federal Reserve Act, it is blatantly illegal. This is why Congress is now probing the Bear Stearns buyout, the Fed...
  23. cbw

    Satellite Shoot Down

    I have been on that ship a few times, probably one of the more competent crews out here. Regardless they had 3 tries to get it done.