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  1. Bostonears

    Cayin HA-1A MK2 headphone amplifier

    ***SOLD*** For sale is my Cayin HA-1A MK2 amplifier. I hate to part with it as it sounds great, but I now need to downsize my desktop audio rig to a much smaller setup. This Cayin amp is in great condition, with no apparent scratches or other marks in the finish. Tubes installed in the amp...
  2. Bostonears

    Sold: Audio-GD NFB-1.32 DAC

    For sale is my Audio-GD NFB-1.32 DAC. Features include: Sabre ES9018 DAC chip fully balanced design no feedback asynchronous USB input (including DSD support) two coaxial inputs two optical inputs top-notch power supply circuitry high/low gain setting both balanced and unbalanced analog...
  3. Bostonears

    For Sale: AKG K7xx, Limited Edition/First Edition, Mint Condition

    ***SOLD*** For sale is one set of limited edition AKG K7xx headphones in mint condition. They still have the thin protective plastic film around the edges of the round outer frames. These are from the Massdrop First Edition (and do not have any rattle problem). I am the original owner and only...
  4. Bostonears

    iRiver Astell & Kern AK100 Portable Audio Player, Partially Functional (Perfect for Use with Glove Audio A1) - READ FULL DESCRIPTION

    For sale is an iRiver Astell & Kern AK100 audio player with only partial functionality. Analog audio output from the headphone jack is dead, but everything else works perfectly, including the optical output. That makes it a perfect unit to use in a CEntrace Glove Audio A1. (I don't own an A1...
  5. Bostonears

    For Sale: Topping D1-Mark II portable USB DAC/Amp (Like New In Box)

    *****SOLD*****   For sale is a Topping D1-Mark II portable USB DAC/Amp, in all black color.   This USB DAC/headphone amp is plug-and-play with Windows, no driver download needed. Sound quality is impressive, despite its diminutive size. Plenty of oomph to drive my 300 ohm Sennheisers...
  6. Bostonears

    Spare Driver for Sennheiser HD540 Reference

    If you've got a Sennheiser HD540 with one bum driver, I've got what you need to bring it back to life. For sale is one spare 300 ohm driver assembly for Sennheiser HD540 Reference headphones.   Includes the driver, earcup shell, driver shield (white part), and thin piece of foam on the...
  7. Bostonears

    For Sale: Sennheiser HD540 & HD540 II Reference

    For sale are two separate headphones:   1. Sennheiser HD540 Reference - $85 plus shipping of $10 in CONUS ***SOLD!***   2. Sennheiser HD540 Reference II - $100 plus shipping of $10 in CONUS ***SOLD!***   I own multiple pairs of Sennheiser HD540 and HD540 II Reference headphones, and...
  8. Bostonears

    For Sale: Yaqin CD-1 Tube Buffer

    *****SOLD*****   For sale is my Yaqin CD-1 Tube Buffer. This is the version sold in the U.S. by Pacific Valve & Electric ( which uses one dual triode tube. It comes stock with a Chinese 6N1 tube and is fully compatible with any modern production or old...
  9. Bostonears

    Wanted: Audio-GD Earth and/or Moon OPAs (Dual-type)

    *****FOUND!*****   As the title states, I'm looking for Audio-GD Earth and/or Moon opamps (OPAs) in the dual configuration (both stereo channels on same module).   If you've got either or both available, shoot me a PM with your asking price with shipping to zip code 01773 (Boston area).
  10. Bostonears

    Lawton Audio Wood Cups for Denon D2000, African Sepele (like Mahogany)

    For sale is a pair of Lawton Audio wood cups for Denon D2000 headphones. These are in the hard-to-find African Sepele wood, which is similar in appearance to mahogany (and is sometimes called a mahogany), but is more durable than true mahogany.   For more info on Lawton Audio wood cups for...
  11. Bostonears

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD500, Brand New In Box

    I have for sale an Audio-Technica ATH-AD500, brand new in the box, never used. I received it as a gift, but I already have enough higher line headphones that I know I won't use it. These are obviously in mint condition, although a section of the cardboard package is a little pushed in (upper...
  12. Bostonears

    Anybody here score these Grado HP-1 cans on eBay?

    See eBay item Joseph Grado HP 1000 Signature Headphones HP-1 for a pair of classic Joseph Grado cans that sold last week. They had 14 bidders, and went for $1701. Anybody here want to fess up to buying them (or bidding and losing)?
  13. Bostonears

    Grado HF-2 Production Quantity Game

    OK everybody, let's all guess the final number of Grado HF-2 that will be built before the limited edition stops production. My guess is 621.
  14. Bostonears

    Cubicle Dwellers: Headphone Hanger, "Gumby"-Style

    For use at work, I recently got a pair of Denon AH-D1001 cans. My previous work phones (Yamaha YHD-1) had a small, fold flat design that was easy to just lay on the desk, but the Denons are larger and less suited to sitting on a flat surface. I thought about using a banana hanger or similar...
  15. Bostonears

    What's the best way to remove Denon D1000/D1001 earpads?

    I'm considering doing some markl type of mods to a pair of Denon AH-D1001 phones. The earpads do not appear to come off by rotating, as with the D2000 and D5000 models. I tried pulling gently on the pads, but they didn't budge. I didn't want to pull too hard in case there is a different way to...
  16. Bostonears

    Anybody notice the three little bumps on Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 housings?

    After more than a decade of using Sennheiser HD580s, I recently bought a pair of HD650s, and one of the first things I noticed when I picked up the HD650s to put them on is that at the forward edge of the top of the left housing are three little bumps in the plastic, arranged vertically just in...
  17. Bostonears

    HeadAmp GS-1 as preamp?

    Can anyone who owns a HeadAmp GS-1 comment on its sonic qualities as a preamp for use with a power amp and speakers (you know, those giant boxes that are too big to fit on your head)? Is it "audiophile quality" in that respect?
  18. Bostonears

    FS: Grace m902 with remote control

    ***SOLD!*** For sale is a nearly new Grace m902 with the optional remote control. I'm offering it here on Head-Fi for a couple of weeks before I post it on Audiogon. The list price for the m902 is $1695, plus an extra $150 for the optional remote, totaling $1845. At my asking price of...
  19. Bostonears

    For Sale: AKG K1000 phones and rare K1000 Selector

    **** SOLD! **** I have a set of AKG K1000 phones and a K1000 Selector box that I am putting up for sale. The phones are the pair that I reviewed in detail in this Head-Fi thread from 2003 (The review thread was written before I got the...
  20. Bostonears

    First (Brief) Listen: Shure E500

    Those of you who love Shure E-series in-ear-monitors but crave more bass, start drooling. At the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Shure just announced a new top-of-the-line IEM, the E500. It's a THREE driver design, two "woofers" and one "tweeter". (I'm not sure anyone should...
  21. Bostonears

    E4c: Bass? What bass? Oh, THERE's the bass!

    After reading a bunch of reviews and comments about the Shure E4c's here on Head-Fi, and tempted beyond resistance by an incredible deal on eCost ($149), I took the plunge. Many people seem to have commented that the E4c's were similar to the E3c's, only with more bass output. I had never...
  22. Bostonears

    REVIEW: AKG K1000 & Sophia Baby tube amp vs. HD580 & Sugden Headmaster

    Now that I have two complete and very different high quality headphone listening systems in my possession, I’ve done a full comparative review that I thought would be of interest to the Head-Fi community. It’s way long-winded, so grab a fresh cup of coffee and pull up a comfy chair. System...