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  1. goldenear

    New SD280 Pro's question????

    Hey I finally replaced my ailing Sony's with these. First day of break-in I noticed something weird. If I turn my head to my left I get more bass in my left can. Anyone care to explain why this happens? Am I just freaky that way?
  2. goldenear

    Pink Floyd's "Meddle" remastered in SACD/Hybrid

    Is it confirmed yet? I'm losing my patience man!!!
  3. goldenear

    New Brian Eno "Remasters?"

    As I was reading another thread, a member mentioned an early BE CD that I was all too familiar with. Actually I had it on vinyl then bought it on CD in the early 90's. It was Taking Tiger Mountain. I just checked CD Universe and they have under future releases all the essential BE early work...
  4. goldenear

    Led Zepp's BBC Sessions >Good or Bad?

    The tracks in this compilation are no doubt awesome. I'm more concerned with the way this CD was sound quality wise. If the sound is true and has great bass, I'm sold.
  5. goldenear

    New Mitsubishi Galant commercials music provided by...

    The Flaming Lips? It sure sounds like them. Say it ain't soo!!!!
  6. goldenear

    Sony's remastered Bob Dylan in SACD Hybrid

    If you've heard them, let me know what you think of the SQ.
  7. goldenear

    EH 2200 $49 at etronics

    Is this a great bang for the buck. Distortion is a bit high at .3% on paper. Anyone have these?
  8. goldenear

    Bought 4 classical cd's this week

    I only have 10 classical in my collection so I'm sort of green. Here's what i bought this week. 1. Chopin Polonaise DG SACD Hybrid Maurizio Pollini Piano 2. Dmitri Shostakovich Phillips SACD Hybrid Symphony 7 Valery Gergiev 3. Bach The Art of Fugue DG Emerson String Quartet 4. Mozart...
  9. goldenear

    What do you listen to while lifting weights???

    Old or new, whats your favorite album?
  10. goldenear

    What does mp4 have that mp3 dosen't?

    Is mp4 gonna be able to play on a mp3 player? No, right?
  11. goldenear

    Fugazi fans....

    I've decided to add Fugazi to my collection. Should I get "Red Medicine" or "In on the Kill Taker" as the one and only cd???
  12. goldenear

    Anyone have the Sony MZN10?

    Should I wait for the price to drop a little? $350 is too steep. Any other MD suggestions similar to the M10 would be appreciated.
  13. goldenear

    Expanding on this best of kick how about 2003 best music DVD

    I'm gonna go with The Cure. Granted thats the only music DVD I bought this year so it dosen't mean much.
  14. goldenear

    HDCD politics needs to change

    The record companies should all get together and agree to release new works and start updating their older work in HDCD. All redbook cd's must be in HDCD period. In a perfect world. Someone wake me from my dream. Of course SACD and DVD-A will remain also.