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  1. dncnexus

    Bottlehead Energizer

    Selling my Bottlehead Energizer. On the website it is the blue one. This has the additional $100 option for upgraded pot. Bought this back in August time, looking to get $1300 for this plus shipping/insurance. No trades. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. dncnexus

    Brand New Focal Clear

    Hey, Trying to sell a pair of brand new Focal Clear I won in raffle. Have less than 1 hour of usage on them. Looking to get $1.1k plus shipping and fees, but open to offers. Will post pics shortly If you have any questions dm me
  3. dncnexus

    Asgard 3 + Modius

    Am looking to sell my Asgard 3 and Modius. I have had them for about 3 months now, both are like new. I am looking for Asgard 3: $170 shipped paypal Modius: $170 shipped paypal IF you want both I can drop both down to $150 for a total of $300. Will be shipping with all the original packaging...