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  1. Scott_Tarlow

    Iphone portable Dac Amp that lets you take phone calls

    Does one exist that is high quality?
  2. Scott_Tarlow

    Friday's music drop was pretty epic (Sept 30th, 2016)

    Bon Iver, Solange, Tycho all with crispy new ones. 
  3. Scott_Tarlow

    Nobel Audio BTS with Ultimate ears custom earphones

    Hello,   I have a set of UE 7's that I use as my daily driver. I've wanted a set of bluetooth earphones for a while now. Has anyone used the nobel audio BTS with the ultimate ears headphones? Anyone have a better bluetooth solution? I have two concerns:   1) I want a shorter cable, but worry...
  4. Scott_Tarlow

    Herus+ DAC/Amp (CONUS only)

    Hey guys, I have a few month old Herus+ DAC/Amp that sounds great on a computer or iOS device (i'm sure it works with android too but I havent tested it).  I don't have the original packaging, but I have the warranty card. It was purchased in Hi-Fi Taiwan earlier this year.  Im asking for 300...
  5. Scott_Tarlow

    USB and 3.5mm input RCA output soundcard for less than 100?

    I'm looking for a solution a a problem. I want a USB soundcard that i can connect my audioengine A2s to, but I also want to occasionally input my iphone to them as well.There is a 3.5mm input on the speakers but I like to leave the speakers powered on all the time so leaving a 3.5mm cord hanging...
  6. Scott_Tarlow

    New, from RMA, Logitech g930

    Hey guys, I have a pair of new in box g930 that I am getting back from logitech. I should get them late next week. I'd like to sell them so i can upgrade to a better wireless headset. Not that this one isn't good, I just want one with a bit more connectivity options other than USB.  I can't find...
  7. Scott_Tarlow

    Just some thoughts about a particular audio/tech reviewer on youtube.

    I won't name names as I dont really want to slander him, but there is a particular audio reviewer on youtube, who is quite popular, but has no idea what he is talking about. This boy(hint) has a lot of a lot of audio equipment, but really doesn't understand what he is talking about. He uses...
  8. Scott_Tarlow

    Looking for a camera case that can latch on to my Messenger Bag sling.

    IT only needs to fit my EPL1 w/ 14-42mm lens attached. Prefer blue or black color, but ill consider any. None of the camera forums have helped, maybe you guys can!!
  9. Scott_Tarlow

    Something we should do to reclaim Head-Fi from the Heathens.

      Friends, audiophiles, music lovers, and lost internet nomads I am here before you today to inform you of a crisis that threatens to shake and destroy the foundation that Head-Fi stands on. Head-Fi should be a place of sanctuary for any lost internet wander that needs advice to better improve...
  10. Scott_Tarlow

    Which Pelican Case to Get?

    If i want to store a Pico Dac+Amp, Custom IEM's, a Zune HD and a mini to mini cable that is about 5 inches? I was thinking the 1030? I don't want it to be too big.
  11. Scott_Tarlow

    WTB:4 inch Mini to Mini Interconnect

    I would like 1 right angled plug and 1 straight plug on it. 4 inches total, tip to tip. I would like it to be pretty durable, it will be in my pocket. I also want it to be flexible. Willing to spend some money.
  12. Scott_Tarlow

    Wolfram Alpha on the iPhone?

    Anyone tried it? Could be awesome.
  13. Scott_Tarlow

    IEM stands

    Do you sell the IEM stand that you use for the IEM's in your store ?
  14. Scott_Tarlow

    Subsection for cases/traveling gear.

    I think it would be cool to have a subsection for DAP, Phone, and Laptop cases. I know head-fi is about sonic quality, but with the emergence of high end portable audio, protecting the device is just(almost) as important as the sonic quality of the device. I think we could have some really good...
  15. Scott_Tarlow


    Are you all obsessed with rating music. Just listen. X is not better than Y ever, just different.
  16. Scott_Tarlow

    Where can I buy a UE/Westone/JH audio Custom Cable using Paypal

    Anyone know where? I am looking to spend under 50, that is why I chose these cables instead of null audio.
  17. Scott_Tarlow

    Fake CD's on ebay?

    I just bought all three volumes of Cowboy Bebop (3 cd's) for 20 bucks shipped. They sell for a lot more usually..... but I really wanted the cd's! Could they be fake?
  18. Scott_Tarlow

    WTT: My Headroom Micro Amp for another amp

    Hello, I decided that I would like to trade my recently bought (from another head-fier) Headroom Micro Amp. This is the version before the newer version, but it still sounds pretty good. Let me know what you got, I may be able to add some money too, hit me up will offers. I have sold a bunch of...
  19. Scott_Tarlow

    Help with my pico

    My Pico runs off USB for about 15-20 mins, then stops. The music continues, it dosn't lose power, but the music does not come out of it. I replug it in and it works again for another 15-20 mins. Any Idea?
  20. Scott_Tarlow

    T2 vs ALO t2

    just bought a used ALO modded T2 and wondered if there was any differences between that and the iBasso version.
  21. Scott_Tarlow

    How do you justify more than one DAP?

    I have a zune 120, but I have stopped taking my Pico Amp with me on the go because it is too bulky with it. I was thinking of getting a Sansa Clip to use with my pico amp, so It wouldn't be so cumbersome in my pocket. I see a lot of you guys have many DAPs, so I was wondering how you justify it?
  22. Scott_Tarlow

    Should I get a fullsize amp for IEM's

    Right now I am using the Pico, and I am about o sell off my D2000's because they just do not match the sound of my customs. Is it worth getting a fullsize amp to power my iems, or is it too much money for minor improvements over the pico.
  23. Scott_Tarlow

    Ultimate Ears Custom Cable

    They are really tight on my custom monitors, How do I remove them safely... I feel like I will break them.
  24. Scott_Tarlow

    Jazz headphones 150 bucks

    My stepfather's birthday is coming up soon, and he loves to listen to jazz as well as play the keyboard. He is a mac user, So I thought I would get him some nice things for his music, and already decided to get him an Apogee One for his mac book, but I need to find some suitable headphones for...
  25. Scott_Tarlow

    Portable Amp Adventure!(A review)

    Hello all, this is my first review on Head-fi, so if this sucks well, don't read it. This review mainly chronicles my 5 month experience with portable amps, mainly 3 very popular ones out here: FiiO E5, iBasso D2 Boa, and the Pico Amp/DAC. Why do this? There are already a number of reviews on...