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  1. GodsMadClown

    FS: HD-600s. Bought closed cans for office.

    Getting crazy offers. Wow, I havn't even posted pics yet. It would be silly to offer me less than what I asked for folks.
  2. GodsMadClown

    FS: HD-600s. Bought closed cans for office.

    I got a new job and at the interview, I saw the boss and several of the employess listening to headphones. I knew it was a great fit. Still I have to get rid of my HD-600s to make room for my new closed cans purchase. Pics are forthcoming, but I'd like to sell them. I have the original...
  3. GodsMadClown

    Recomend me a speaker setup for 400 bucks

    The Ascend CBM-170's won the recent shootout of $400 internet direct bookshelves over at avsforum. They are less than $350 shipped, and that leave you room for a used stereo reciever from your local Cragslist. Of course, for nearfield use, you'll likely want a pair of active studio monitors...
  4. GodsMadClown

    IC: Nomad Jukebox 3 + Redchair Notmad + third party case

    Reinstated. They are shipping me a new $%&ing battery.
  5. GodsMadClown

    IC: Nomad Jukebox 3 + Redchair Notmad + third party case

    I bought a NJB3 some years ago, and not much later, killed the damn thing with a firmware flash gone bad. Then it sat in a box in my closet for nearly 2 years now. Anyhow, I finally I sent it out for service some weeks back, and now it's coming back. Pretty painless RMA procedure too. Finding...
  6. GodsMadClown


    Bought a pair of headphones from me. Communicated clearly, paid promptly, and overall acted like a gentleman throughout. What more could one ask?
  7. GodsMadClown

    M-Audio Revo and Chaintech AV-710

    Email: wfin<_nospam_> Heatware/Ebay username: GodsMadClown M-Audio Revolution 7.1 (bare card) $60 shipped [pictures availible upon request] Not DOA I've...
  8. GodsMadClown

    The Maryland College Park Meet @ Thrice's

    My HFI-650 are showing serious signs of age. I'm thinking that I'd like to attend the next meet as well, mostly to audition some closed cans. I'm in Greenbelt, so College Park is very convenient. I wish I had paid attn. I might have been able to make it.
  9. GodsMadClown

    Sound card/hardware recommendations

    You want to read the HTPC forum over at Quote: Home Theater Computers Computers as progressive scan DVD player, video processor, HDTV tuner, music jukebox, automation controller, Internet/game machine, and more. Windows and Linux...
  10. GodsMadClown

    Service parts for Ultrasone HiFi-650?

    Here's a quote from the Ultrasone reply. In case anyone else wants service or support on their headphones. Quote: We are very sorry about the trouble. Please contact our distributor / importeur in U.S.A. EARS Audio Distribution 220 2nd Avenue South Franklin, TN 37064-9294 U.S.A...
  11. GodsMadClown

    Service parts for Ultrasone HiFi-650?

    I got these phones used for $115, and they have served me well in isolating me from the other folks at work. Definately the best $115 that I've spent. I love the way music sounds through them. Unfortunaely, the plastic around the screwed together pieces that make up the headband is now...
  12. GodsMadClown

    Cracks on my Senn HD280 Pro

    Nope, it's definately structural craking. THey're at work now. Perhaps I'll take pictures. I tried a repair with some superglue, but it failed. Ah well. They still sound great.
  13. GodsMadClown

    Cracks on my Senn HD280 Pro

    I've got a piar of Ultrasone 650's that also have craking on the headband. I'd like to send them back, but I bought them used, about a year ago. I wear them at work, so they've seen pretty heavy use. I've done some checking at the Ultrasone website and through Google, but I can't seem to find...
  14. GodsMadClown

    Nomad Jukebox 3 for $205 AR + $50 Amazon gift code

    Starting today, Amazon is giving out a $50 credit with a $250 purchase at their electronics store. (details) The 20 GB NOMAD Jukebox 3 is available for $254.99 - $50.00 MIR (purchase by 9/30/03, tomorrow) which means that you can get the player for ~$205 shipped, with a $50 gift certificate...
  15. GodsMadClown

    Great small speakers?

    Ah. One more thing. You might try to find out if there are any Rocket 150 or CBM-170 owners in your area. Post a request for auditions at their respective brand forums.
  16. GodsMadClown

    Great small speakers?

    I own and also reccomend the ascend acoustics cbm-170. Regarding stands, take a look at the part number 240-744. They are very heavy and steel, even before I filled them with sand. Heavy inert stands like that, along with a small blob of poster putty will help you get the...
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