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  1. Samgotit

    Rate The Last Movie You Watched

    Take Shelter   Real freakin' good.    Up there with A Woman Under the Influence. 
  2. Samgotit

    Buyer didn't recieve his item

    Quote:   Your fault then.    People are nuts shipping internationally without proper tracking and insurance. If a buyer doesn't want to pay for it, move on. 
  3. Samgotit

    MP3-Playing "Mouth Gear" "Makes Headphones Obsolete"

    That chick gnawing on that audible dog bone makes me almost as horny as Merrian Webster's editor, Kory.    Hair Down   Hair Up
  4. Samgotit

    Rare Interview with William Burroughs in Sensitive Skin #8

    You're spittin' into the prop wash here. There's no Japanese cartoons referenced?    Also, the firearm (handgun) Burroughs is holding is not a Colt 1911. It's an HK P7. The later is an erudite's gun. I have several. Pew, Pew, Pew...     But nice, as always, to see you post, Mr...
  5. Samgotit

    What made your day awesome?

    elclairs and gaffer tape
  6. Samgotit

    I have been accused of scamming!

    Quote:   Never ship USPS unless you are willing to take a complete loss. UPS and FedEx only. If an international buy will not accept that, don't sell it. How many even realize this PayPal regulation exists to qualify for seller's protection:       Never lie on a Customs form...
  7. Samgotit

    Post pic(s) of your latest "significant" purchase(s)!!! v2.0

    Schluter-Kerdi shower system.   
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    [No title]

  9. Samgotit

    How It's Made: Tubes

    Neato!    I miss that "How It's Made."        
  10. Samgotit

    I have $100 to spend at Amazon: What would you do?
  11. Samgotit

    Does anyone want to be Kirosia's friend

    Vikings vs. Saints playoffs, I'm in the Superdome. I'm walking to my seat. I sit. Ten minutes later the largest, tallest, rotund black man I've ever seen sits next to me. He is half into my seat. He looks down and says, "I'm sorry, but you're going to be uncomfortable." He was right. He smelled...
  12. Samgotit

    Head Fis Guide to everything lets help eachother out :D

        I bought Carnegie's book and a hookah, but I still can't seem to make friends. 
  13. Samgotit

    Products that last forever

    My 60's era M-Line Invincible Metal Furniture desk will last forever. I forked over $13.80 @ the Habitat ReStore. Now, on occasions when I'm subjected to IKEA, Sauder, and their ilk, I scoff and recoil.   Company still in business and making the same style of desk:  ...
  14. Samgotit

    Could use help, with a vacuum.

    Miele by leaps and bounds. It's German. Need I say more. No, I don't.    I put my Dyson in a burlap sack and threw it the Mississippi. 
  15. Samgotit

    Intel announces 10 core Xeon E7 processors!

    Whoopdie buttholes! And next year there'll be a 12, and the next a 15, and the next a 21.5. 
  16. Samgotit

    what Camera to get?

    This is, word for word, precisely what to do. Hell, here's one for $220:
  17. Samgotit

    Payment dispute: Someone is not paying for my goods already shipped (You be the judge)

    Who the hell ships without payment; that's the silliest darnn thing I've seen on the internet in a long time.
  18. Samgotit

    What would you do if someone gave you 900 dollars

    Buy an Invincible Metal Furniture desk (the old type with a vellum writing surface). And sign up for Oprah's LIFECLASS.    
  19. Samgotit

    What foods won't you eat?

    And tongue. Not because I think it's grody; it's because of that thick, mucousy binder. The sight of it causes me to heave like Kane when he gave birth to that little alien.
  20. Samgotit

    What foods won't you eat?

    Owl. I won't eat owl.
  21. Samgotit

    Was Hurricane Irene hyped and sold to us by MSM ?

    CNN was borderline hysterical (in both senses of the word) yesterday. The station aired some cat walking around New York yesterday. The anchor deputized him an iReporter on the spot  (i.e., goof off the street with cellphone). The accomplished iReported was having an iConniption fit over there...