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  1. Varley

    Philips Fidelio L1 - As new - UK

    Hi selling these as I'm moving away from most of my full sized cans. Barely have 10 hours on them - no signs of use and are only about 3 months old from brand new. Will come boxed with everything as new. Shipping within UK only - next day tracked.
  2. Varley

    iPhone 5 - 32gb Slate Black - As New (9 months Apple warranty) UK

    Selling this as I'm now using a different phone. This will come boxed as new, with all original packaging and accessories + spare lighting cable and 3 cases + premium screen protectors. The phone has no signs of use and has been babied since it was purchased. Still has a screen protector...
  3. Varley

    Kindle Fire HD 32GB + Official Amazon Leather Case - AS NEW - UK

    Selling this as it was bought for me at the same time as a Chromebook which I'm using more for a portable device.   Less than 14 days old. Full purchase receipt, no signs of use, will arrive as new with opened packaging.    Free next day insured shipping within the UK -   Paypal +...
  4. Varley

    FS: Colorfly C3 - As new, less than a month old. UK + Worldwide.

    Selling this as I now only use my phone for music. Though I would get the use but haven't.   Has only been used a few times, no signs of use.   Comes fully boxed in original packaging + cables.   Free next day shipping within the UK - Worldwide standard shipping (no tracking, no insurance)...
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  6. Varley

    Possibly fake PortaPro (Help me!)

    This is crazy that they actually make fakes of something with so little value in the first place. Sorry to all who have received the fake ones. I ordered mine from AGES ago. I'm always skeptical on eBay nowadays unless I know the same item has been purchase multiple times before.
  7. Varley

    The JVC HA-S500 thread.

    Hope mine arrive soon, expedited from Japan was only $18.  I'll be buying these more present if they are as good as I hope.  
  8. Varley

    UK - IEMs - January Sales?!

    ^ This, most stuff never gets reduced significantly - look into buying from overseas. Usually if you calculate the possible customs + duty fees, and add them on to the cost of the product it still works out cheaper. If you can void in import stuff too then you're a winner.   High end stuff...
  9. Varley

    V Moda V-80 - As New (UK - Worldwide available)

    Selling these beauties as I don't really have time to listen to them anymore. Only have around 100 hours on them, absolutely no signs of wear or use, comes with everything as new, all cases, cables etc. Babied since I had them at Christmas. £90 total with PayPal fees. Free next day shipping...
  10. Varley

    Silver LOD - Mini Viablue plug, hand made. - WORLDWIDE

    Silver cabled LOD with mini viablue plug - custom made by Parrots with some fantastic silver cable - Awesome LOD.   Paypal 3% / Gift - Shipped next day in the UK or Economy (untracked) Worldwide included.
  11. Varley

    Samsung Syncmaster P2250 21.5'' Monitor -

    Selling a beautiful Samsung Monitor - About a year or so old, pretty much mint condition - Very well looked after - Smoke free, pet free home.   Slight imperfection on the screen where it was knocked during delivery, but it is very very minor (you can only notice if you try incredibly hard...
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  17. Varley

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote:   Sorry man, not had time to log on in a few days - I really do get pulled in my this genre on the Yams - The beat just sounds so energetic and snappy in comparison to any other IEM I have (including the Miracle) - It reminds me of my VMODA V-80's in a way, which I enjoy insanely...
  18. Varley

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote: Wow man, cheers for this - I've always been a big fan of Lowkey and Akala and their beliefs and public speeches - Seems we share the same interest
  19. Varley

    FS : Brainwavz HM5 - AS NEW - WORLDWIDE available

    Selling these to fund further full sized cans -   Previously owned the FA-003's and these are very very similar, super impressive but I've moved onto a desired open can, and my closed can purposes are filled by the V-80's -   I got these for Christmas - Used barely, about 10 hours on...
  20. Varley

    FS : Fischer Audio Tandem - AS NEW - WORLDWIDE

    Selling these to fund further full sized can purchases, my IEM's are currently set and I'm moving through preferable sound signatures -   About a 3 weeks old - As new condition, no signs of use - Completely boxed with all tips etc -   Worldwide shipping as standard - (untracked and...
  21. Varley

    Add your opinion and HELP ME!!

    If you were going down the V MODA line I'd lean towards the M-80's/V-80's over the crossfades - From what I've heard they're superior, and I went with them, they will not cease to impress - Unless you wanted a bigger can ofcourse.   Shure's line is also worth looking into, the 440's and...
  22. Varley

    digiZoid ZO2.3 Impression & Discussion Thread

    With my LOD I used to think it was plugged into the ZO all the way but it requires that little extra and you'll hear it 'click' -
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  25. Varley

    Yamaha EPH-100

    I sold my Vsonics last week and didn't listen to them for about 3 weeks previous, but from what I can recall they share similarities - Again, the bass on the Yamaha's is noticeably more forward and dominant in the overall sound signature, but saying that I wouldn't call it overpowering - I much...