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  1. bubbers214

    Zen Nano?

    So I was shopping today and saw a Creative Zen Nano plus and did not recognize the name at all, but it was 1GB and it was 150 bucks and i was in the market for a 1GB flash player, so I went home and checked here and DAPreview and google, and found almost nothing about it. I have since checked...
  2. bubbers214

    Trying to repair my A500's?

    Ok so i have had these A500's for quite time and have been very very happy with them until a few days ago when my mom called me downstairs and i pulled them out of the amp they where hooked into and complete bent the plug. So i cut it off and bough a new 1/8" stereo connector from radioshack...
  3. bubbers214

    Karma took a tumble off desk...

    So my karma took a 3 foot tumble off of my desk and landed on the wheel and now the wheel is off track or something and will no longer function. Am I just going to have to deal w/o a wheel now or does anyone know how I can go about fixing it, without ruining the Karma.. thanks
  4. bubbers214

    How do you watch DVD's with Headphones?

    Wasn't sure where to put this but here goes. I was just curious about those who use headphones to watch DVD's on their computer. I'm wondering what, if any, virtual surround do you use? PowerDVD offers Dolby Headphone and TruXTsurround, and my Nvidia offeres cinesurround. I currently use TruXT...
  5. bubbers214

    BOUGHT: Sennheiser PX100

    When I got my Shure E2's for my Ipod I sold off my other portable phones, my HD497's, but canalphones aren't the ideal phone for all situations, so I would like to buy some PX100's if any of you are willing to sell them for a decent price. PM me with any offers. Thanks.
  6. bubbers214

    How many fellow Utahns in this board?

    Hey, im just curious how many utahns there are in this board, and if any of you would like to setup a meet. Im anxious to hear some other phones besides my 500's.
  7. bubbers214

    Difference between speakers and phones.. Wow

    So, i've been listening to headphones exclusively for the last month or so (since i got my A500's) with the exception of in the car. Anyway, i decided to turn on my Klipsch promedia's today and listen to my newly bought (and excellent) Kill Bill Vol 1 Soundtrack, and I couldn't believe how...
  8. bubbers214

    Any good full size cans with inline volume?

    I have a friend who is looking for some nice closed cans that have an inline volume control. I have not seen any of the main cans that get used here that have one of these but maybe im missing one. His budget is about 100-150. If any of you have any ideas that would be great. Thanks.
  9. bubbers214

    Tutorial for reading simple circuit diagrams?

    Hey Everyone, I have been looking into getting into DIY audio and have been looking at the beginning CMOY project that tangent has to offer, only problem is, his tutorial is based on the assumption you can read circuit diagrams, and even though i took the beginning EE class i still cannot do...
  10. bubbers214

    Chaintech Av-710 or Maudio Revo?

    I currently have the Chaintech AV-710 and am using 24 bit resampling to 96kpbs using Directsound as Kernel streaming won't seem to work and VIA hasn't written an ASIo driver for the envy line yet, so would it worth it to buy the Revo that is on newegg refurbed for 56 bucks, or am i not going to...
  11. bubbers214

    Chaintech users, I need serious help!

    Hey guys, Just going to thank you in advance if you do this for me! Anyway, i decided to try this to get ASIO support, but unfortunately the output sounds horrid out of my system so i need to go back to the original flash. Unfortunately i...
  12. bubbers214

    I'm Now Converted to Lossless Formats!

    I was just lookin around in these forums today and kept finding people who were talking about how bad mp3 is compared to FLAC or APE lossless formats. I really didn't think that they could have THAT much difference, because I really liked the sound of my 192 VBR mp3s. Well I decided to do some...
  13. bubbers214

    A500 vs. A900?

    After much debating I have decided to go with either the A500's or the A900's, because I dont have the money for an amp atm, or probably not for a while. I have tried searching for a comparison between the two and have found a few threads that have a brief mention of a comparison but not really...
  14. bubbers214

    Best Sub $50 buds to replace stock ipod buds?

    Anyone have any suggestions for some good earbuds to replace my stock ipod buds... I would prefer to spend less than 50 bucks, as i am new to the audiophile stuff and as im sure most of you know have a LOT of purchases i want to make and very few funds. So far i have looked at the Senn...
  15. bubbers214

    What new Headphones to buy?

    Hey guys, I've been lurking around these forums for a few days, waiting for my activation to go through , anyway I think that I have narrowed it down to three sets. The Senn 580's, and either the audio technics A500 or A900, i really only want to spend like 150, so I really dont want to go to...