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  1. Jpfe8851

    Sennheiser Amperiors - Silver in Mint Condition -SOLD

    Clearing out some headphones... I bought these new two years ago for use with my iPhone. While similar looking to HD25s these have metal cups and have more bass though not overly heavy. Great for most music listening. Replaced by a pair of Urbanites I may as well sell these. Also selling a...
  2. Jpfe8851

    Sennheiser HD600 - Mint condition -SOLD

    Got them in a trade a couple years back but hardly used as I later purchased a pair of HD700s. Comes in original box. Pads in perfect condition too. Doubt they've had more than 20 hours on them. Previous owner said he tested them only and I believe him. Also selling a pair of Amperiors. See...
  3. Jpfe8851

    iBasso DX100 24Bit/192KHz Reference Digital Audio Player - SOLD

    My DX100 has been barely used since buying a desktop headphone amplifier. Purchased new in January 2013 the device is unmarked and comes with all its accessories and in the original box and packaging. With 64Gb on board memory and the ability to add another 64Gb (so long as you reformat a SDXC...
  4. Jpfe8851

    Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear (Blue) - Like new. Price Drop

    Super comfy on-ear version in the blue Alcantara velour finish. Purchased in Australia with Aus warranty. Selling because I have purchased a pair of HD700 and see that they will be my home use phones from now on. I use my P5s or QC15 when away from home so these should go to someone looking for...
  5. Jpfe8851

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  8. Jpfe8851

    WANTED: Sennheiser HD700 - must be as or near new - Trades welcome see list.

    Want to sell your HD700s? $500 might not seem much but with new available from around $700, I'm just trying to save a few dollars...:o Don't seem to be many available here in Australia so willing to deal from further away. If interested I'd be happy to consider trading one or more items from...
  9. Jpfe8851

    Sony Walkman NW-Z1070 64gb (Japanese model) As New! Worldwide Shipping...

    Updated with Android ICS 4.0, it has a built in FM Radio, Bluetooth and Wifi which I use to listen to Pandora, Internet radio and Rhapsody streams when I want to listen to something I don't have on the storage. Download and listen off line too! It's in mint, unmarked condition. No scratches at...