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  8. Chimpie


    Sold a Pico to BoogieWoogie, but unfortunately it got lost during transit. We decided to cancel the transaction. However, the Pico did arrive at his place in a couple of weeks time and he sent the Pico back to me. FREE OF CHARGE. Nothing but positive about this guy... Would do business...
  9. Chimpie

    *SOLD* Eddie Current Zana Deux + Mullard 6SL7 tube (220V, Europe) *SOLD*

    Thanks guys. Bob is correct. The Mullard tube is the one described here, under Mullard. It's the short brown base ECC35 CV569 with D-getter halo, it sells for $485 for one pair...
  10. Chimpie

    *SOLD* GS1000 pads and Nickerators *SOLD*

    I'm sorry, this is an ad from JANUARY this year. The Nickerators and pads are sold a looooong time ago.
  11. Chimpie

    Dutch Mini-meet (November 8th) - impressions

    Hi there... Sergei has pointed me towards this tread (thanks for that). I might be able to join. Not sure yet, though. (Sergei, if I'll be able to make it, I'll be driving. So you can tag along.) What I will bring when I come: MacBook Pro with Pico DAC (much easier than my Rega Jupiter or...
  12. Chimpie


    Sold my Grado HF-2 to Henmyr. Easy and smooth transaction, money was transfered quickly and great communication. Highly recommended.
  13. Chimpie


    Bought a Shure SE530 from Andy. Easy transaction, just as described. Highly recommended and would do business with again.
  14. Chimpie


    Kabeer bought my Pico. Simple and smooth transaction. Instant payment, great communication. Highly recommended and would do business with again.
  15. Chimpie


    Peter bought my SuperMicro. Perfect transaction, great buyer. Highly recommended. Would do with business again.