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  1. cowjuan

    wtb: alien dac.

    i am interested in buying an alien dac for around ~$40.
  2. cowjuan

    fix my cmoy and you will receive two free cans! (done.)

    hello, i attempted to build a cmoy but failed at it. i think the power supply section may be troubleshooting since i get sound when plugging them to my source and headphones with and without my battery or it's might be solder bridges. i'm sure it's an easy fix to an experienced diy'er. if you...
  3. cowjuan

    PS3 for $40?
  4. cowjuan

    selling two headphones. Bose On-Ear, Sennheiser HD 555. $50ppd for both or $30ppd each.

    Selling two headphones. Bose On-Ear headphones, and the Sennheiser HD 555. Headphones are in not-so-great cosmetically condition, but could look great with a little love. Bose: has excessive wear on pads (new pads can be purchased at their site.) and on the headband. It also has scratches and...