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  1. dknightd

    AGK K701 first impressions

    OK just got my AKG K701 phones from TTVJ. Here is my first impression. Who has been messing with my bass and treble knobs? Is this what they call "polite" bass? What happened to the slam? I can hear things in the music that I never noticed before, but, so far I think that is because the...
  2. dknightd

    stereo phono plug in mono phono jack

    I'd like to try connecting a radio shack spl meter to the soundcard on my computer. The computer soundcard has rca jacks. The spl meter has a mono phono jack. I have a stereo phono plug to rca adapter. Will that work if I just use one channel, or, will there be a problem using a stereo phono...
  3. dknightd

    Benchmark DAC1 screws loose

    Just got my Benchmark DAC1 from Audio Advisor today. When I unpacked it I heard a rattling. I hoped maybe it was just the small package that contained BNC to RCA adapter and spare fuses. But no. The rattle was coming from inside the unit! D**m. I've been dying to hear this unit, so rather...
  4. dknightd

    where to buy benchmark dac1?

    I've decided I want to buy a benchmark dac1. Preferably the silver face. But nobody has one in stock! This is a Birthday present to myself and I want it asap. Any suggestions on who to call?
  5. dknightd

    iTunes remote

    I find myself more and more using my 17" flatscreen iMac and iTunes as a music source. Both on headphones and speakers. Sounds pretty good using, for now, an M-audio audiophile firewire. What it lacks is the convenience of a remote control. Are there such devices? My needs are pretty simple -...
  6. dknightd

    WTB: Stock Senn 650 cables

    Hi, I'm looking to try something with a "balanced" cable for Senn 650. This depends on me being able to get a cheap cable to hack up and rewire. Anybody have a "take off" cable from your Senn 650? If you have, or will be, replacing your cable with a nicer aftermarket one I'd like to buy the...
  7. dknightd

    remote control?

    Anybody make a heaadphone amp with a remote control volume pot? Maybe even a remote control effects switch? I don't want to have to get up to change volume Preferably one that doesn't cost and arm and leg... Thanks David