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  1. ZzBOG

    WTB: Sony Z7M2

    Looking to buy Sony Z7M2 in USA. Can do local in NYC DM me your offers pls.
  2. ZzBOG

    best soundstage in closed back full size Headphones?

    Looking for closed headphones for surround sound. Audeze Mobius looks promising but I don’t need wireless nor microphone so would rather have that budget go towards headphones not addons what is the next best option for $400-500?
  3. ZzBOG

    Best headphones for virtual surround? ~$400

    I have Q701 + O2 + Soundblaster Omni. I am looking to upgrade Q701 to something that is better in terms of immersive sound and sounds better with virtual surround (Dolby DTS, SBX etc.). I am considering Audeze Mobius but I don't really need the microphone (I have Blue Yeti for that). Is...
  4. ZzBOG

    WTB: $200 IEM

    Looking for an interesting IEM (used), have $200 (conus USA) Please PM your offers
  5. ZzBOG

    2-pin IEM cable with GOOD microphone?

    I tried 2 Null Audio cables and their microphones are really bad (one cable also fell apart after a year - wow $99 well spent). Is there a 2-pin IEM cable that is reasonably sturdy and also has good microphone? And doesn't cost more than $100.
  6. ZzBOG

    IEM cable (2-pin) with microphone for <$100

    I need 2-pin cable with microphone and remote for my FLC8S. I bought the Null Audio cable a year ago and the plastic part around the 2 pins fell off. I was pretty careful with the cable and headphones (always have them in the rigid carrying box etc.). Is there a more reliable cable with...
  7. ZzBOG

    Headphone cable (2-pin) with good microphone?

    Hello, I am trying to find a replacement cable that would be good enough for mid-range IEM (FLC-8s) sound-wise, but will have a decent microphone. I got NULL Adudio cable and while the sound is good, microphone is much worse than the stock Apple buds microphone. Anyone has a cable with mic...
  8. ZzBOG

    Is there such thing as diminishing returns in terms of money spent on IEM?

    I see there are all sorts of price categories for IEMs. Let's say $100, $300, $600, $1000  I wonder however, what the sound quality / distribution is like across these categories?   I assume there has to be some kind of diminishing returns rule for IEMs even more so than for full-sized...
  9. ZzBOG

    Best value USB surround sound card for gaming only: Xonar U7? U3? Omni?

    Hi, I am set for music listening setup, but want to get a USB surround card for gaming with headphones (Q701 as per Envy's recommendation). I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on the card and pay for audiophile features when all I really care about it quality explosions and good surround sound. ...
  10. ZzBOG

    Is there USB-powered amp+dac that is also powerful (some extra points inside)

    Hi people,   What are some best Amp+DACs that can be powered straight from USB?    Portability does not really matter (but I assume such device would be small enough to carry around). Word "best" implies that It should be able to drive demanding headphones (I have Q701 and looking to get...
  11. ZzBOG

    Best headphones [endgame scenario] for Spotify only?

    Hello!   Unfortunately I don't have resources (edit: I mean time / space in life) to collect music, so my main source is Spotify - but I do listen to it all day so it's pretty important to dissolve in it sometimes.   Given that neither CD nor FLAC nor anything of that kind will be sending...
  12. ZzBOG

    Cheap small USB amp/dac for gaming (Q701) with mic port?

    Hello what would be the best  amp / dac I can get for ~50$ to use just for gaming that would also have a mic port? Want to plug it into MacbookPro Retina. Also the requirement that it is small - be portable.    Thank you!
  13. ZzBOG

    Small USB sound card with 5.1/ 7.1 and combo-jack (4pin)?

    Hello,   Amazon is full of small thumb-sized USB cards with 5.1 and 7.1  I thought it would be nice to have one to use with's with on-cable microphone.   Seems that none of those cards would support a 4pin jack. Is there any card that is small (well the smaller the better) that...
  14. ZzBOG

    Closed headphones $350+- (amped by PHA-1).

    Hi, I wonder what would be the current recommendation for closed headphones?   I have Q701 and waiting for Sony PHA-1 to arrive. I realized however that I need some isolation. I see Sennheiser Momentums are getting attention, I have HD25-II however, so am curious to explore other sound...
  15. ZzBOG

    Y adapter cable for headset gives a strange effect

    Hi, I bought this thing:   hoping to use it in the following fashion:     Astro Mixamp -< Ysplitter -----headphone                                       \___microphone     Now the problem is that...
  16. ZzBOG

    Playstation 3 to Emu0404 USB to Receiver - will it work?

    Hi,   I have a receiver, that does not have Toslink.  I want to hook up Playstation 3 to EMU0404 USB via Toslink (EMU0404 USB is already connected with receiver).   Question: will it work?   I kinda don't want to buy a 20feet toslink cable only to find out that there is smth wrong...
  17. ZzBOG

    Is there any reason to consider other closed cans instead of Sennheiser HD25-1 II?

    The title says it all..   For <$200 looks like they have the least amount of haters.   Sure there are people who swear by D2000 and A900 but HD25 seems like the overall most sound choice.   What a bit worries me is isolation - sure there are many who say isolation of HD25 is great...
  18. ZzBOG

    Fuze starts to die... New non-touchscreen player? SQ is a priority

    Hello, Where should I go after Fuze? I found it to be a nice player, but would like a somewhat richer sound... I think that DAP shouldn't have touchscreen (been there, it's ok for a phone, but no good for a dap - I don't want to look at the thing every time I want to switch between...
  19. ZzBOG

    Good SQ + Best GUI + many features DAP?

    Hello, I need to get a DAP as a present. Which one would you recommend as the one, having the most of features + intuitive GUI + very good SQ. If I had to place all those requirements in descending order, based on preference, it would be: GUI -> SQ -> Features.... Hm?
  20. ZzBOG

    Fuze vs D2 SQ-wise?

    Hello, How would you rank Fuze vs D2 SQ-wise?
  21. ZzBOG

    Do I really need an amp? Triple.Fi + ZVM

    Hello, I've heard on different forum, that getting a portable amp in my case is useless. Is it true? Won't I benefit from Ibasso D2 connected to my ZVM? I don't want more power. I want more SQ. More! More SQ! More. And most preferably - at low levels. More detail, to be precise. And...
  22. ZzBOG

    Best SQ player + a lot of space (SD or HD) + line out [+ FLAC]. Is it possible?

    Hello, I'm trying to justify changing my ZVM 60GB for something new.. If this can be justified at all. So do we have a player, which can store a lot of music... Via SD cards (now, that we finally have 32GB ones)? The player should have line out (for amp), use HD (no candidates here...
  23. ZzBOG

    Which $350 IEMs for an amped mp3 player?

    Hello, The usual question (for this forum). Which IEMs in the $350 pricerange will be best for amped mp3 player? 1) 2)Sleek SA6 3)SuperFreqs? 4)Anything else? I'm really considering Sleek SA6 or (don't take SuperFreqs that seriously). But do SA6 have three...
  24. ZzBOG

    Need to buy a present for laptop-using parent. Please recommend an all-in-one solution!

    Hello, ppl, I'm thinking of buying something to enhance the audio experiences for one of my parents. Now the setup looks like Laptop->Hi-fi headphones (Grados, I think). What can I add to this chain to boost the listening experiences. I, myself use EMU0404 US and am quite happy with...
  25. ZzBOG

    Buying Shure SE530 from Ebay - safe?

    Hello, Before plunging some $400 down ebay, I'm trying to get the full picture. Did anybody of you get positive experience from dealing with Ebay headphone stores? Like any of these? Is it safe? I mean any of the shops with...