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  1. Varley

    Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE GT-N7105 - 16 GB - Titanium Grey

    Selling this fantastic phone due to an upgrade.   Purchased Unlocked from Carphone Warehouse on 19th January, with the original receipt still in hand.   This phone comes in fantastic condition with no signs of hard use as far as I'm concerned. It's had a screen protector fitted since...
  2. Varley

    FS : iPad 3 (Retina) 32GB Black WiFi + Extras - Immaculate condition. UK

    Selling my immaculate iPad 3rd Generation - 32GB - WiFi Black - Still has 3 months Apple warranty on it.   No marks, no noticeable scratches, no dents, no signs of use. Babied since It was purchased less than a year ago.   Comes with all original boxing + accessories + Yoobao Black Leather...
  3. Varley

    Matrix M-Stage desktop amp - Silver - MINT condition - UK

    Selling this as everything I use/have is portable now. Never been moved since I purchased it, no signs of use. Fantastic condition. Comes boxed with all original packaging and cables. PayPal + fees or gift/ bank transfer UK next day insured postage within price. PICTURES SOON
  4. Varley

    Yamaha EPH-100 - As New - No signs of use - Boxed with all originals. ~UK

    Selling these as I don't get much ear time on them anymore.   Fantastic condition, many hours, yet no signs of use - will be spotless when received.   Comes with all tips (cleaned with alcohol prep wipes) and original box.   Paypal gift / fees or Bank transfer.    Free next day...
  5. Varley

    Nikon Coolpix P300 - As new, Warranty (UK) + 16GB Card + Official Leather Case + Lowepro Bag

    Selling this as I now just use my phone for everything and don't travel much to get the use.   Babied since I purchased it (July 2012) - Hardly seen any use besides holidays in August.   No signs of use at all, mint condition.  Comes boxed with all original accessories + packaging (will be...
  6. Varley

    JVC Everio HM-445 Video Camera (Black) - As New (UK) + 2 x 16GB Cards

    Selling this video camera, used twice - Originally bought for holiday use, then I never took it. Sat in a case ever since.   As new, no signs of use. Comes with original box, with all cables/chargers + Mini HDMI cable for a direct TV connection. 2 x 16GB SDHC Cards - 1 Integral Ultima 16gb...
  7. Varley

    Brainwavz Beta - Radio Paq Jazz - Mint (UK)

    Selling both of these, with hard clam shells - + original packaging if required.   About 30/40 hours on each, as new, mint condition. Extra tips supplied.   Paypal + fees / Bank transfer.   Next day shipping to UK free.
  8. Varley

    Philips - CitiScape DOWNTOWN Headphones - Brown. Mint, Boxed.

    Selling these as I no longer use headphones besides IEM's -   Only a few months old - Mint condition, hardly used. Brown Colour. Boxed in original packaging.   Shipped next day within the UK.   Photos to come.
  9. Varley

    Digizoid ZO V2.3 - Mint condition, boxed. - WORLDWIDE

    ZO V2.3 - Hardly used with full box and accessories - As new PayPal gift / +3% - Shipped next day in the UK free. International shipping is ininsured + untracked, unless you want to pay extra. Cheers :o
  10. Varley

    Teclast T51 + 32gb card + Leather cases

    Selling my Teclast T51 as I just use my iPhone everywhere I go now. This Telast is less than a year old, in mint condition and still has the retail box and all accessories. Plus some nationite s:Flo leather cases + 32gb Class 10 card. The Teclast needs a firmware reset/update as I tried to...
  11. Varley

    FS : Unique Melody Miracle - UK (WORLDWIDE AVAILABLE)

    Selling these as I just don't have time for my music as much as I used to, and keeping these is just a waste - I wish I had the time to use any of my headphones, But I'm busy with work pretty much all day everyday now   They will come provided with everything they came with, cable, soft case...
  12. Varley

    FS : Vsonic GR07 [WORLDWIDE]

    Selling my Vsonic GR07's as I have a new found love for my customs, so these are sadly gathering dust -   One of the strain reliefs came loose within the first few days (a very common minor issue) in which I just carefully superglued back on, it is noticeable if you look up close, but does...
  13. Varley

    UE Triplefi 10 + 2x Jaben ES8 cables - AS NEW - WORLDWIDE

    Selling these as my computers graphics card has just failed on me - I do love these to bits but their price isn't worth me keeping them as well as my Miracles - I'm happy with the sound the BA's from that produce   As New, owned for a week - Full 2 Year warranty etc -   - Everything...
  14. Varley

    JVC HA-FXT90 L2 - As New - WORLDWIDE

    Had this replacement set for under 24 hours - Less than 1 hour on them -   I've decided that near Christmas time I need to lose a few universals - -   These are the L2 Gold Limited Editions - £95+ new   Mint condition, no signs of use of course - Everything included - As buying new...
  15. Varley

    Fischer FA-003

    Selling these as I  don't get much time on my home rig anymore so am only getting use from my portable gear -   Had these for about 6 months, absolute pristine condition, never been moved from the house - No signs of use or wear Originally bought from GD Audiobase -   I have everything...
  16. Varley

    Palic 3.5mm Interconnect

    Selling this as I now just use my LOD via iPod -   As new, no signs of use -   Shipped Worldwide Free - (un-tracked service - no responsibility when shipped)   Paypal +3.4% or Gift
  17. Varley

    HiFiMan RE0 - As New - [WORLDWIDE]

    Selling these as I just don't use them anymore since I've got my customs - About 3 months old with 50 hours on them -   Mint condition, no signs of use - Comes with everything par the large bi flanges - I will add a pair of Soundmagic Foamies and Comply tips - Also comes with a hard case...
  18. Varley

    Beat Audio 'Trophy' Cable for UM Customs - BNIB - [FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING]

    I originally purchased a Beat Audio 'Trophy' cable with my Unique Melody Miracles earlier this month - Which turned out to be faulty -   Beat Audio sent me a replacement but since I have been more than happy with the stock cable - This is mainly down to the angled plug on the stock cable -...
  19. Varley

    Cowon J3 [White 32gb + 8gb card) + Ringke Case + Mofi Case [WORLDWIDE AVAILABLE]

    Selling my Cowon J3 32GB White as I've recently purchased an iPhone 4S 64GB to combine both my phone and DAP - And I can't afford to keep both -   The Cowon is an absolutely fantastic player - I'm just afraid it will gather dust once my iPhone arrives due to convenience or carrying etc -  ...
  20. Varley

    Grado SR60i - As New - UK

    Looking for a pair of mint condition Grado SR60i with the mini plug -   Can get a new pair of Alessandro MS1i's for £70 so not looking to pay too much!   Cheers!
  21. Varley

    Ultrasone HFI-15G - Worldwide Available -

    - Selling my Ultrasone HFI-15G headphones -   I used to use these all the time for gaming, they have excellent soundstage and really helped me with first person shooters   Only ever used them for music a few times and they reminded me quite of the Grado open sound, and actually impressed...
  22. Varley

    Sony MDR-EX600 - As New - Worldwide Available

    Hi there,   - Selling my Sony MDR-EX600 that I purchased off another Head-Fi'er a week or so back -   These are fantastic IEM's but I find myself preferring a different sound signature at the moment and I'm just not in love with these like I am others. I've got into a habit of selling...
  23. Varley


    Looking for a pair/multiple pairs of SoundMagic Medium Foam tips - I believe they come will almost all or most of the SoungMagic IEM's - If you don't use them and they're just sitting around, holla!   Preferably UK/EU for quick handling/cheap shipping   PM me with what you want for them...
  24. Varley

    HiFiman RE-262

    Looking for a pair of as new RE-262's in the UK, preferably with all accessories and the retail box - need them to be in full working condition and mint :o Flexible on price! PM me if you have a pair! Cheers
  25. Varley

    Xears Bullets 120PRO

    Selling my as new Xears Bullets 120PRO - As I just don't get chance to listen to them over my other IEMS anymore!   They come with the neoprene case and a variation of tips!   Review multi-comparison here ...