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  1. chetanappu007

    Need help improving the sound quality of Bayerdynamic dt770 pro

    Hi guys,   I use Bayerdynamic dt770 pro 80ohm headphones with a Fiio E11 amp. I really enjoy listening to them at normal volume level but,when i increase the volume a bit high i feel that the sound coming from these headphones are somehow not very clear and the bass is not very accurate or...
  2. chetanappu007

    Difference between " upper bass", " mid bass" and " lower bass"

    Hi guys, can anyone explain the difference between " upper bass", " mid bass" and " lower bass". Please explain in simple terms as i am no good with the technical terms. Just curious about it as most of the headphones reviews talk about these things. Give examples if possible.   Thanks in...
  3. chetanappu007


    Hello everyone,  I recently got these headphones. The reviews all suggest that they have good amount of bass. After trying them without an amp however i am not happy with the sound. please suggest a good amp for these which will improve the sound. My budget is 100$. I mostly use these...
  4. chetanappu007

    Need headphones under 250$....please suggest.

      Hello everyone, i need some help getting full size headphones under 250$. I currently own monster turbine pro copper earphones...i am looking for headphones which sound atleast as good as copper pros do or even better. please suggest me some good full size headphones.  Thanks in advance.