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  1. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    I started using an Auralic Aries and if you see the price difference between the Bridge II ($899) and the Aries ($999), I would forget the bridge. Get the Aries, connect a USB hard drive to it and you will have an easier to use and way more stable music streamer than the bridge will ever be.
  2. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    The NAS is indeed to eliminate the computer out of the equation. Ethernet is still the most stable connection, especially when streaming high res files.
  3. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    Just to explain, I am not an audiophile that looks for ultimate detail and improvement of my system. I choose a lot of times convenience over SQ improvement.   the way my system sounds now is how I like it and from an audiophile point of view I can improve a lot still. I could afford to do...
  4. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    with a bridge II I would use the ethernet input with a NAS drive.   If playing CDs or using a different music streamer like Sonos or Auralic Aries I would use S/PDIF (optical or COAX)   When using a PS Audio Transport I would use the i2s input.   I have not critically listened to the...
  5. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    I should get paid by PS Audio, all that advertising for free... lol
  6. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    the advantage of using a Bridge is that you can skip the computer all together and stream directly from a NAS drive on your network.   That way you let the PWD do all the work and don't have to have a computer on to play music. Also, the PWD is a lot better at doing all that stuff than a...
  7. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    I think it is mostly personal preference.   'Experts' say that under 2 meters COAX (Digital RCA) is best and over 2 meters optical is best.   I used a PS Audio transport to a PWD with the i2s connection.   TO be honest though, I don't think my setup isn't revealing enough to really hear a...
  8. karmanfamily

    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    karmanfamily     I'd love to see audio cables or maybe lower priced tube integrated amps.
  9. karmanfamily

    NAD M51

    Did the same thing before, sold the M51 and bought one back 2 months later. Smoothest DAC I've heard to date.
  10. karmanfamily

    Audeze LCD-3 (Pre Fazor) in Great Condition with New Stock Cables and Ruggedized travel case

    Up for sale is an Amazing Sounding and Great Looking Audeze LCD-3 (pre Fazor).   The headphones look flawless except for 3 tiny marks on the inside of the headband. They have been used sparingly by the original owner and I only put about 10 hours on them.   The pictures I added aren't the...
  11. karmanfamily

    Cardas Clear Cable for Audeze and Sennheiser. 10ft/3m. Perfect Condition! Price Drop!

    Up for sale or trade is a Perfect Condition Cardas Clear cable for Audeze and Sennheiser headphones.   It is 10ft/3m long and is terminated with a 1/4" headphone jack. Invoice can be provided for warranty purposes.   I am selling it, because I can't justify a cable this expensive for the...
  12. karmanfamily

    Sennheiser HD800

    Check his feedback and description... And at $750 shipped with all accessories and box?   Why wait for the pics?   IS trading an option?
  13. karmanfamily

    Bel Canto CD3t in Perfect Condition!

    Up for sale is a CD Transport that will perform way above its price, simply amazing!   A Bel Canto CD3t!   It is Black, looks as new and works as it should. The black is a satin like finish. The box says Silver, so I am not 100% sure it is factory a black one. If it has been painted, it has...
  14. karmanfamily

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    Just in case anyone is still interested, I am offering a power conversion service for the PWD MkI and MkII.   I will convert or help convert a PWD MkI or MkII from 120V to 240V or from 240V to 120V.
  15. karmanfamily

    NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC Impressions

      What a lot of us (M51 owners) do is play with the volume until it sounds the best through your amp and speakers. Once you find that sweet spot, you leave it there. Mine was between -4db and -6db. At 0db my M51 sounded real lean in my setup and at -4db to -6db it was perfect. Some people go...
  16. karmanfamily

    Woo Audio WTP-1 CD Transport (EU)

    Just FYI, I have a 120v WDS-1 and there is an internal switch to switch between 120 and 240 volt.
  17. karmanfamily

    Bryston BCD-1 CD Player

    Sent PM to buy.
  18. karmanfamily

    [SOLD] Bottlehead Crack Amplifier [PRICE DROP]

    You know very well that your statement was a 'lecture' type question.
  19. karmanfamily

    NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC Impressions

    It basically comes down to this: With the volume control of the M51 you can decide yourself if you want the M51 do the most of the 'amplification' or your amplifier.   Personally I started at 0 and went down to -20 and back up, hitting -4 as my sweet spot. Going to the + side didn't help for me.
  20. karmanfamily

    Nordost Super Flatline Bi-Wire Speaker Cables. 3m (10ft). Banana to Banana.

    For sale is a pair of 3m (10ft) Nordost Super Flatline Bi-Wire Speaker Cables. Banana to Banana.   The connectors look as new and the cable looks great, I could not find any significant bend anywhere.   Shipping is will be calculated exact from zip code 32832. Shipping weight is 1lb 5 oz.  ...
  21. karmanfamily

    NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC Impressions

    I would set the volume at 0dB and play with it up and down until it sounds the best for you.