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  1. barrist

    Aumeo - experience music tailored to your ears!

    would this act also like an amp? one of the images shows that it uses a TPA6130 (Texas Instruments from my google search)
  2. barrist

    [REVIEW] Logitech UE9000 - Ultimate Ears HEADPHONES Released! The UE4000, UE6000 and the UE9000 - Impressions Thread

    Is the UE6000 in passive mode easy to drive (i.e. with a portable like an iPhone?)
  3. barrist

    KRK 6400 vs PRO DJ100/200/TBSE1 vs Skullcandy Aviator vs _______

    I listen to mostly indie / electronic rock, hip hop and podcasts.. not a basshead, but looking for something pleasant musically in multiple genres. Looking for a commute friendly over ear closed headphone. must-haves: detachable cable (to use with in-line iphone controls), good isolation, decent...
  4. barrist

    Koss Pro DJ100/200 - useless unamped?

    Thanks! Unfortunately, can't seem to find the UE6000 for a good price here in Canada.    I wonder if the Monoprice 8323 with some mods (pads, in-line iphone cable) would be an upgrade from my ZX600s...
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    pm sent
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    AT ATH-ES55 vs Beyer DTX501p

    I see alot of love for the JVC HA-S500/400 as well. Do they wear wide on your head though? They look like fairly thick cans
  7. barrist

    Beyerdynamic DT-235

    Looking for a pair of DT-235s shipped to Canada, black color preferred.   Send your offers!   Thanks
  8. barrist

    FS: Nuforce UF-30

    still up for sale
  9. barrist

    WTB: MEElectronics M6 blk

    Lookin for a pair,   Located in Canada   Thanks!
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  11. barrist

    FS: Nuforce UF-30

    Selling a used pair of UF-30s. Working perfectly. Would say 7.5/10 condition (a scratch or two on the band).   EDIT: Pics below:     I purchased from a fellow head-fier last year for $65,   Asking $45 $40 SHIPPED US/CANADA OBO  ...
  12. barrist

    WTB: JVC HA-S700

    Lookin for a pair.. seem to be hard to come by in Canada     Thanks
  13. barrist

    WTB: Headphones for the gf (Under $50CDN) PX100? AT ONTO?

    Quote: Originally Posted by betweentheears How about repairing the old ones, maybe its only a cable problem. The plug isn't very durable. Yeah i'd do that for sure, if i was handy. I think it just needs a recabling.
  14. barrist

    WTB: Short mini-to-mini interconnect

    Hey looking for anyone who has a cheap, really short interconnect lying aroudn that they'd like to sell me. I would grab the 4" from headroom, but it costs $30 shipping to Canada. Thanks
  15. barrist

    inexpensive 6ft stereo-mini cable?

    Hey i'm looking for a stereo-mini cable (3.5mm-3.5mm) to connect my DAP to the aux-in in my car. Are there any out there around 6FT for a decent price (say around $20US)? I know most would say I would be hard pressed to find one that's considered high quality at that price at that length. I...
  16. barrist

    Sennheiser PX100 Retro Edition! Brand New!

    damn i missed this.. i'd love to get yellow pads for my px100 (not the hd414 ones i already have, they're too big and goofy)
  17. barrist

    How to make PX100s into high end headphones! (pics inside)

    can you guys with the hd414 pads on the px100 post some more pics? thinking of doing this mod... (preferably those who kept the yellow)
  18. barrist

    FT: V-Moda Vibe w/biosciencegeek custom cMOY

    SALE PENDING (waiting for payment) Thanks!
  19. barrist

    FT: V-Moda Vibe w/biosciencegeek custom cMOY

    UP.. i would like to at least get ride of the vibes before selling the IC or cmoy