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  1. sola

    massdrop x empire ears zeus

    selling my Zeus, it is 14 drivers iem, very impressive sound. It is in very good condition, no scratches on the shell.It’s hard to say good bye but I do need the money for something big next year.
  2. sola

    final fi-ba-ss

    up for sell is one of the most iconic earphones from final audio design. The condition shows it’s age but this is nothing wrong with the sound.
  3. sola

    akg k812

    selling my akg 812 in great condition with a diy 1/4 cable.
  4. sola

    WTB denon d7000

    want to back a good condition unmodded denon d7000, let me know if you have one.
  5. sola


    selling my adx5000 to fund my next headphone. It comes with offical balanced cable and a zmf single ended. I personal love the zmf cable the best.
  6. sola

    sony 1000xm4

    selling my barely used 1000xm4. $260 including fee and shipping to 48 states.
  7. sola

    wtb RME adi-2 v2

    let me know if you have one for sale.
  8. sola


    selling my m570 since i got a T1, very well build and good sound for the price. Condition is mint.
  9. sola


    hey I am selling my d8000pro that I purchased less than a month ago. Less than 2 hours of listening time since my amp broke down. All the original cables and case remain unused. I got the 4.4 3m sliver balanced upgrade cable too and one 4.4 to xlr adapter.
  10. sola


    selling my rs1i with wood box. this is two damage on the headphones, one on the headband and one on the left earcup.The overall condition is good and sounds really good.
  11. sola


    like new cma12 dac no box come with power cord, remote and papers.
  12. sola


    Like new D8000 with official ofc 4.4 balanced cable(3m) and a 4.4 to xlr adaptor.
  13. sola


    ike new sa700 player with offical leather case for sale, screen protector applied. No box and accessories.
  14. sola


    selling my campfire solaris in excellent condition. Come with everything in the picture but no box.
  15. sola


    Hello everyone, I am Selling my k3003. I got it from another HFer and now I decide to go full size headphone. The overall condition is good and nothing wrong with it. Price included fees and shipping.