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  1. Zedd56

    The Y-Split Thread

    I believe the piece that's meant to enclose a split or other types of splices are referred to as a "boot".  You can find generic boots on a lot of bulk component stores online (if not a local store) like Element14 or DigiKey (Canada)   You'd find the one you need depending on how many wires...
  2. Zedd56

    XD-53 Detachable cable + boom mic

    Hello!   I've already modified my XD-53s for the detachable cable, simply removed the stock cable, fitted a 3.5mm 3pin jack (fit perfectly into the cable hole!) and soldered it up to the existing driver leads (probably a big no-no... I may go back and solder my wires directly to the driver...
  3. Zedd56

    FS: Denon D2000s modded with D7000 mahogany cups

    I was reading this wishing I were local too until I realized I AM! Purchase was very quick and easy, very glad to give these cans a new home, thanks for taking such great care of them 
  4. Zedd56

    IE8s from Tesco Direct? Legit?

    Haha well, damn.. that sounded reassuring until your post tan ^^ thanks for the warning though. They were on ebay with the auction starting at 50 pounds, I guess it was too good to be true haha.  Definitely don't wanna accidentally get my hands on a fake... thanks guys!
  5. Zedd56

    Best IEMs available for < $150 or so?

    So I've spent most of today reading countless reviews and comparisons of IEMs within my budget, and I've decided to try to get some personalized advice haha.   So far, I've been looking at:   Westone's UM1's / Westone 1's (which i'd like to get a comparison of... I've been having trouble...
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